Canadian nurse speaks out on her view of the pandemic from her research and experience

She has a detail or two wrong though. The fellow from Pfizer was not the CEO, but to the best of my knowledge, was VP and chief scientist for allergies and respiratory. So a bullseye on subject. But short of that, it’s an excellent presentation. We need more health care workers in Canada to come out with what they know.

Also, anyone reading this from the GTA, please leave me a comment so I can contact you, if you would be willing to get some footage of the hospital parking lot M*A*S*H compounds they have built, allegedly for Covid patients. I think the Canadian public really have an obligation to know what is actually going on there, even if they no longer have a ‘right’ per se.

She also refers to this: NY Post removes fake images of deaths due to Corona but actually from gas explosion years earlier.

Unrelated: Smoking is much more addictive than previously reported. Here, a corpse enjoys a cigarette after dying of Covid19

(No idea of any of the truth or fictions of the video directly above, but at this point, its more reliable than the Government of Canada, who’s health minister tells us that Vitamin D is fake news and a previous minister in the Trudeau cabinet explains they use the Goebbels method to sell us lies.)

Germans protest in large numbers over state intimidation of judge who ruled in landmark mandatory mask case

A couple of days ago, we reported on another one of those stories that was too ludicrous, to unbelievable, too authoritarian to be true. But it was. A judge in Germany, after studying all the evidence on children and masks, determined that making children wear masks at school all day was bad for them and it was illegal to force it on them and ordered an end to mask mandates in schools within his jurisdiction. The police then raided his home and took all his electronics and the usual sorts of things we are starting to become acclimatized to in our post-revolutionary neo-communist world now.

Here is a LIVE protest in Germany over what the state did to this judge. Amplified of course because normally we would consider a judge to be part of the state. But the revolutionary Vs. counter-revolutionary aspects of contemporary politics is out in the open now.

Articles on the German Judge and what happened to him:

Gates of Vienna: Though Shalt Not Contradict The Narrative

German Police ransack home of judge in landmark mask case

German Judge investigated by police after mask ruling 

House warrant executed on Weimar Judge 

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Andrew Bostom: Mask Mandates do not work

Dr. Bostom explains that there are indeed peer reviewed double blind studies showing that Mask mandates do not work, and perhaps more importantly, there are none that show they do. Yet so much of the world is being forced to submit to them with more force of law than the emergency act allows.

Computing Forever: Behind the Covid Curtain

During the video above, Computing Forever (Simply one of the best voices on the internet for so many issues out there) mentions an event in London where a Christian preacher was bruised by state thugs in matching pants suits for saying that marriage is between a man and a woman. The video of that arrest was removed from Twitter pretty fast. The clip is also within the video above. It is clear that a state thug punches the elderly preacher in the head.

But not fast enough:

Thank you Hellequin GB.

So let me get this straight…

If a person dies of basically anything but was within 10 miles of someone who had Covid at some point, they died of Covid and any other condition doesn’t matter. but if a perfectly healthy person dies after getting an experimental mRNA gene therapy device, they had underlying conditions or some serious health issue that killed them.

No certainty this is true, other than I am content this exact thing has happened to others I know. So its true, even if not in this case.

Ok then. That sounds like pretty much everything authorities have told us from late 2019 till now.

Michael Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer from October 28, 2020

I notice that these interviews are disappearing from Youtube and other narrative forcing corporations. This was grabbed by us on October 28, 2020 and restored here on April 27, 2021

Micheal Yeadon was VP of Pfizer, and chief scientist for respiratory and allergy issues, if memory serves.

Canadian Lawyer, Rocco Galati on Trudeau’s leaked Covid agenda

Some months ago, this website posted a leaked memo which was very suspicious, that came from someone who claimed to have sat in on a meeting where the next year or more had been mapped out for Canada. We posted it but with a lot of caveats. According to Rocco, Ezra at The Rebel talked about it but also said it was bunk. There were good reasons to think so. Some of the terms and protocols in the memo seemed inaccurate for an insider. But in retrospect, all the events discussed did in fact take place. And Rocco predicts that next, is martial law, and soldiers on the streets.

Seems that police are enforcing all these fascist edicts though

Police explain to mom that her kids could be taken by the state for letting them play in the park

Please read the details and explanation over at RAIR Foundation

CAS is Children’s Aid Society. These parents should be afriad. The CAS rarely acts when children are in real danger and have addicted and abusive parents. But they would likely take these kids in a heartbeat from responsible parents for letting kids play outdoors in a park, where there is less evidence of transmission of Covid than the flu by orders of magnitude.