Berlin police under siege

One German police officer is leaving the force to take a position in Afghanistan because the odds of being killed are the same but the pay is much better in Afghanistan.

I do not know what is more frightening. The hordes of Muslims attacking German police for no typical motive, or the German intelligentsia insisting the answer is more social workers and understanding of the ‘root causes’. Watch this and send the link far and wide. This is civil war, and worse because the side of civilization refuses to admit it, or fight back and instead, wishes to spend more resources appeasing the enemy.

Link: Berlin Police under siege2

Special thanks to ‘Piggy’ for the translation, it was a joy to work with. One of the very best so far.

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  1. October 8, 2009, Russian-language press (NTVRU) reports that a large scale German police operation (up to 150 police and investigators) busted a probable terror cell of three men (aged 28, 30, 36) last night in Berlin. The 3 were supposedly plotting suicide terror murder spree inside Russia. The police also confiscated computers and camouflage uniforms in the raid. German authorities say the 3 are connected to a larger terror cell in Berlin, which is headed by persons of arab background. They added that those leaders have apparently fled German and are believed to be now along the Afghan-Pakistan border at terror training camps.
    Worst part of the story – the Germans let the 3 go -pending investigation (per Russian language report)

  2. I believe that if this kind of behavier is not stopped with force , it will get worse. The Left bleeding hearts tried to appease for a long time. Now it is time to react and hit hard.

  3. People forget that in 1989/90 Germany opened the door to 40 Million Communists from East Germany. That contributed to the Left Leaning Socialization of Germany, and what they have in-place today (which is mob rule)

  4. People need to wake up, read their book of battle tactics (the koran) and not show any tolerance, give any excuses, and nip it in the bud. Kick them out, take out ANY AND ALL Sharia laws if they have allowed it into their system (it is like cleaning out a virus), and STOP ALL Muslim immigration. If they want to have a pile of children DO NOT PUT THEM ON THE WELFARE ROLLS – they have muslim charity let them start taking care of their own. NO MORE MOSQUES and force their children to go to public schools, dress like everyone else, and that goes for the rest of them. SPLIT THEIR MUSLIM ONLY COMMUNITIES UP and KICK THEIR ORGANIZATIONS OUT OF THE SCHOOLS.

    And discuss Islam openly and often. Make sure to tell people EXACTLY what mohammed was – a murdering, thuggish pediphile who enslaved and raped women and children, and stole and lied just to win.

    If they are not working – kick them back to their own home countries.
    Sorry, but it sounds harsh, but their goals are to outpopulate, terrorize, etc.

  5. It’s unfortunate that the Germans are too scarred from their actions during World War Two to visit violence upon bad people. They need to revamp their laws and policies so that when their police and soldiers are attacked they can retaliate and give the bad people reason to fear them.

  6. This sort of arachy is getting more and more common in Europe. It is spreading like a virus. The police need to become stronger and more courageous in dealing with the leaders of the violence. Fortunately, for all of us the enemy is stupid. Most terrorsit attacks on western targets never get off the ground, so this is the alternative to failure. This too can be made to fail. Western societies have a long and able tradition of dealing with public madness. This stems from the fact that they dealt with football hooligans for so long. In the UK we dealt with both the IRA (who were much smarter) and football hooligans (who were much more numerous), so I am convinced that this level of violence can be contained using the lessons that have been learnt already.

  7. ……..”dialogue is no longer an option”. How true. It is time to cut out the lily-livered pandering to these creatures and a time for decent society and the rule of law to reassert itself.

  8. islam (Never capitalize that word) is a hurricane. Failure to prepare for such a force is well understood? You saw what happened in New Orleans.

    I tell you this – IF you read history you will know full well that the muslims will not show mercy. The words that their “holy” men speak are not idle words. Heads WILL be lopped off. Women will be raped and degraded and sold as cattle. Men will be castrated and sold into slavery.

    They say and they mean – the streets of their enemies WILL run red with blood. Read history. You will find that this has all happened before.

    I say “to ARMS” … prepare NOW, as you would if Katrina were looming on the horizon.

    This new president will have us all subjugated. The best case scenario is that he is an idealistic young fool. The worst is that he is a closet muslim and is PART OF THEIR PLANS FOR AN ISLAMIC AMERICAN FUTURE.

    All of the wistful daydreaming will NOT make THIS boogieman go away. Any and every species on this planet that did not PROTECT THEM SELVES … is extinct.

    While you are reading history do a little research on

    the muslim “S.S.” Battalions,
    and Divisions

    that gave Herr Shicklegrubber such joy.

    In fact I can quote the “Leader” from memory:

    “If German S.S. units fought with the ferocity and bravery of our muslim brothers we would win this war”.


    John P. McKenzie – Locked, load, prepared and ready for the first hint of the coming storm.

    Get ready IF you love life, your children, your family, your home, your nation and your GOD!

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