German classical-liberal gets a rock to the head from muslims during presentation

Michael Stürzenberger has been a calm, educated reasoned voice of opposition to mass Islamic immigration into the West and Germany for many years now. He doesn’t lose debates when people actually debate him on the merits and facts of his arguments. Which is why the left and muslims tend not to debate him. Instead, they do this:

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Interview with Michael Stürzenberger on his criminal thought-crimes conviction and sentencing

For those of you who have read this site for some years, you may remember the superb efforts of Michael Stürzenberger’s efforts to warn Germans about the corrosive effects of Islam on a society. And his reward by the essentially communist German government? a seven month prison sentence (pending appeal). Please see RAIR Foundation for details.

Below, Michael debates with a Muslim in Germany who advocates for Islamic corporal punishments

Interview with Michael on his punishment for posting a historically accurate and in context photo of The Mufti of Jerusalem with a ranking Nazi

We have many more videos and interviews with Mr.Stürzenberger, but some are on platforms like D Tube which have been removed altogether. We shall look to restore them as time permits.

Michael attacked by ANTIFA

Michael Stürzenberger of German Freedom party on the new exodus, and the fate of a liberal Saudi blogger

This is one of the best videos yet that Oz-Rita has translated for us of Michael St

In this one, he discusses not only the new Jewish exodus from Europe but the fate of a liberal blogger sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia for daring to suggest non-muslims are equal to muslims. Please watch this one and please try and get your under-informed friends to see this one as well. The plight of this Saudi man should really help open a few eyes.