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4 Replies to “Michael Stürzenberger doubles down on the truth of Islamic Jew hatred”

  1. At the end he says, “…every Muslim is welcome to play his part in defusing Islam…”

    So I just don’t get why there’s a problem. 1.6 Billion Muslims? According to everyone (except the red-pilled few) only a fraction of a fraction of a fraction are extreme. Why, then, don’t the 1,599,999,999.99999 moderates eliminate the .00001 radicals?

    Easy-peasie-lemon-squeezie, right? Guess not.

    –Sounds like it takes 1,599,999,999 Muslims to screw in one lousy lightbulb and the room is still dark.

    • Good for them! I would do the same in their place and keep on doing it. Islam, Communism and Nazism only respect fear, violence and power.

  2. At least someone has worked out that islam is an ideology, hiding behind its religious facet. As for the so called “moderates” of islam, they have had 1350+ years to have their house in order and have failed totally. The bleeding hearts can wait, in hope, for that Godot. But most of us realize that he is not coming.
    Muslim moderates like the civilians in Germany and Japan during WW2, are IMO acceptable collateral. Naturally if we do this they will all pretend to cooperate and even then cannot be trusted, so only one way solves the problem (as in an old Vietnam war T shirt made out)

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