“Jews aren’t people. They are possessed” – Muslim(?) In Germany

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5 Replies to ““Jews aren’t people. They are possessed” – Muslim(?) In Germany”

  1. @22.51 minutes https://youtu.be/PtKBGI4Fwzg

    A homosexual wearing a kippah, is followed by someone thinking this is sacrilege. (Dom-femaled attacking sub-femaled).

    And the whole compilation of videos – grabbed by I, Hypocrite – reveals this attachment to a Gaia or a Heaven. Cucks joined to the female, or bucks made female before a God.

    • @32.15 minutes is a lesson for People of Conscience. This is your future faced amongst all Socialists. ACE. Allah, Communists, Evacuees. Thieves hustling for bread.

  2. That is what we are facing all around the world. Some of the leaders are true believers like that man while others are cynics who are using the true believers as shock troops in the leaders quest for personal power.

    It looks like Iran is about ready to kick off the real fighting so I hope the German police are keeping the fanatic under observation.

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