Tommy Robinson has long conversation with Julian Assange

Hard to imagine that was an accident. I wonder what the prison is up to. Both cells have to be bugged.


A brutal irony: UK PM May, says “arrest of Assange proof no one is above the law”

Let us be perfectly perfectly clear here:

The life’s work of Julian Assange was to try and show how in fact all the elites were living and acting with perfect impunity from the law. The arrest and silencing of Assange is to make sure they can continue to do so. Wouldn’t we all love to know what Wikileaks had on the way May and her cohorts cheated the BREXIT process. And the secret dealings of the EU?

That, would be grounds for a highly justifiable revolution should the public ever be allowed to know how manipulated, deceived cheated and plotted against they are by these supranational orgs.

His name was Seth Rich.


There are already worthy and interesting comments questioning the label we might apply, or how we may think of Assange.

I don’t want to suggest how we should think of him. But I do think we should temper our decision based on some of the information that Lara Logan gives in this astonishing interview with mark Levine.

This isn’t verbatim as I saw this part days ago. But she said one thing that really got to me:

Quoting someone else, Gary Webb I think…

“…I realized that I did not get the Pulitzer Prize and do all these speaking tours because I am so great or my work is so profound, but because I never wrote anything good enough to be worth supressing”.

And THAT, is why I admire Mr. Assange.

(If anyone chooses to watch this interview and transcribe the quote accurately in the comments, I will replace it with the accurate one. But I think I caught the spirit of her remark. Its in the first 1/3 of the interview.)


Here is the actual excerpt:

“Discovery is going to be amazing fun”

All of us have felt that Wikileaks probably has in reserve a staggering arsenal of evil deeds by the DNC. Enough to make Hillary Clinton’s prediction that “should she lose, it is her, and her associate’s heads that will roll”.

We have been wondering when Wikileaks will grace us all with at least a good salvo of this information, critical to the preservation of democracy in the US and the ludicrous and childish, and most importantly, fictional or irrelevant attacks on POTUS45.

Wonder no more:

A few fascinating tweets from Julian Assange

Go check his timeline. This is just a smattering.

Thanks Xanthippa

This explains a great deal

UPDATE: A comment just came in suggesting this is from a FAKE ACCOUNT. Mea Maxima Culpa if this is the case.

British Labour party, Obama, and financing. A repost for some readers

A few days ago, I did a short post where I added a link to the specific point I was making, but made claims in the post leading up to that which I have made many times before, and did not provide the evidence of those claims, feeling it redundant at that point.

This was a mistake. I really should have as at least 2 comments asked me for the evidence of this claim, specifically that an Iraqi oil and gun billionaire was a prime force behind the British Labour Party as well as Obama’s shadow government. I did provide the evidence to one of the comments but others didn’t read the other comments and responses so here it is again.

First, the link to my original post on this issue:

The scan from the book by Julian Assange, When Google met Wikileaks:

I’m afraid I don’t have the time to go find the specific comment that requested this. Hopefully they will see it all here. Mia Culpa. However I have not ever seen anyone show that Wikileaks is factually incorrect. While I have seen with my own eyes the legacy media fabricate news and distort it to a specific agenda. So I will go with Wikileaks by default and easily as a tie breaker.

By the way, the book, When Google met Wikileaks, is an excellent read for those that want to actually know what is behind the scenes of the rich powerful and influential.

LIVE STREAM FOX NEWS Hannity on at 9:00 ET

Key for decrypting 2day’s boom


We must all watch Hannity Tuesday night at 9:00 PM ET

The catch phrase for this rumoured set of revelations is “Tick Tock”, a phrase Assange is known to use to mean a count down to a massive leak of info on the powerful yet corrupt.

Hannity finished his show tonight with:

“Tomorrow night we have huge breaking news, and if I was Hillary Clinton or fake news, I would not sleep well tonight. Tick Tock.”


Will post a live link feed of it as we draw closer.


The ludicrousness of the suicide note is a kind of proof all on its own

It stands to reason that having someone killed because they are a threat to a crime family has little value if it does not send out a signal to others who may be inclined to also reveal information which is a threat to that crime family.

Someone being murdered in the course of a robbery where nothing was taken even though much easy access wealth was on the victim’s person is one example. Or a suicide note which specifically states: “No foul play whatsoever was to blame”. Clearly the idea was to signal anyone connected to any given crime family that an attempt to betray the nature of the family’s crimes and deceptions to the general public would have lethal consequences.

Is the United States a nation of laws? Or is it a kleptocracy like so many third world nations  and an increasing amount of Western nations?



CNN, former CIA chief accuse Assange of being a pedophile, Assange launches suit

The American left, the “Lugenpresse” (CNN) and the Obama-Clinton monstrosity really is hitting uncharted waters in American history. Not world history, this kind of Machiavellian tactics are SNAFU for most of the political history of the world. Just not modern, post enlightenment, Western democracies.

As the saying goes, the Clintons and Obama is trying to teach us one thing about history. And that is that people do not study history.

The video:

Pretty much instantly Assange has launched a lawsuit and well he should indeed.

There is good news though!

Check out this promise from Wikileaks!

Recommend we all follow their Twitter feed. I know I will.

It is linked above.