A few worthy tweets on September 12, 2021

1. Its not a contradiction once you realize that its a policy consistent with all the rest. And that policy is to obliterate Western thought from existence including the Nation State and replace it with a one-world dictatorship of socialist nothing.

2. Remember when it was discovered that not only did the Lancet and NEJM publish a phoney study condemning Hydroxychloroquine, but they took money to do so? Now this:

“Extreme Cover-Up” – Scientists Who Penned Lancet Letter To Bat Down Lab Theory Have Links To China

An investigation by The Daily Telegraph reveals that all but one scientist who wrote a letter in The Lancet medical journal dismissing even the slightest possibility COVID-19 originated from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, have ties to Chinese researchers. This stunning revelation suggests that 26 of the 27 scientists listed in the letter might of had a conflict of interest. 

The letter, published in March of last year, sought to quash any debate among the scientific community or the media over the origins of the virus – until international intelligence findings in 2021 brought the matter back to the spotlight. 

The man who orchestrated the article is Dr. Peter Daszak, CEO of EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit which was armed with millions in NIH funding to work with Wuhan scientists to experiment with coronaviruses and ‘gain of function‘ research. Last week, a FOIA email release by The Intercept revealed that EcoHealth Alliance was absolutely engaged in gain-of-function research to make chimeric SARS-based coronaviruses, which they confirmed could infect human cells.

3. Travel within a country is a privilege now. As far as she knows. So do whatever they tell you anytime they tell you or you lose it. Cause its a privilege they can take from you at a whim.

4. From the inventor of mRNA technology:

5. Pfizer explains that Israel is a lab within which, is a giant experiment for mRNA tech


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Some tweets on the questionable nature of Covid measures

Some worthy tweets: Post 3 for June 6, 2020

1. Let’s not let the clearly corrupt Lancet off the hook. Their malfeasance could have killed or may still kill people.

2. Ohio men caught with machete, other weapons during NYC protests

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (WJW) — Two Ohio men were captured after police say they were looking to incite violence during a protest in New York City.

According to WABC, protesters marching in the streets of Brooklyn contacted police after seeing a man, who was driving a car with Ohio license plates, holding a machete just blocks away from the demonstration.

84th Precinct Executive Officer Capt. Melody Robinson told the news outlet that citizens were concerned and reached out.

“They said, ‘this is not right, something’s wrong with this picture,’” he reportedly said.

Officers tracked down the vehicle quickly. The driver and his passenger surrendered without incident, WABC reports. However, when police searched the car they discovered a cache of weapons and tools to carry out an attack. Officials found knives, swords, gasoline, bricks, two-way radios and other weapons.

“Different types of knives and weapons,” Robinson explained. “Point-to-point radios, gas masks. All types of different things that you won’t bring to a peaceful protest.”

3. This would explain that very well.

4. In yet another bizarre irony, one leftist fraud has undone another.

5. Can anyone remember acting like this at ANYONE’s funeral? Well Trudeau did this show at his fathers. he thought he was cast as Brutus in Julius Caesar. But other than that, no one acts this way at a funeral.

6. This explains some of the brutal contradictions we are all being forced to submit to.

7. Police probably shouldn’t use horses or female officers for crowd control now that Western nations have imported so many people who have no respect for horses, do not take a chivalrous stance on women, and frankly hold our entire civilization, methods of redistribution of wealth, and sense of joint venture in contempt.

8. Had to add this. And this is why I don’t make jokes of logical extremes anymore. Because you cannot tell them from reality, and given time, it will be reality.

In this case, that joke might go: “Two guys talking after hearing that the government is thinking of legalizing gay marriage, and one guy says to the other, ‘The next think you know, they will be making kids in public schools write gay love letters'”.

Thats probably all we can take for this post. More to come.


Some worthy tweets

1. Well reasoning gun owner speaks to ‘Beto’ O’Rourke on guns

2. Migrants express their religious ecstasy on Italy letting down her guard

3. A funny thing happened at a Chicago mall

4. Watch good evidence that CNN is not so much fake news as it is propaganda. Here they state facts which appear to be pro Trump, but really try and make White Minnesotans look like racist intolerant people who care nothing for the environment. Why? Because they support Trump. CNN: Not fake news. Enemy propaganda.

5. Best thing yet on Area 51 raid


Five worthy tweets on the state of the insurgency against Civilization

1. At last people of London are starting to take the trouble to let the Fabian mayor of London know what they think of him

2. Boston Police treat Antifa to their own tactics by using police sirens to drown out their threats and insults at the straight pride march.

But what sort of message is ANTIFA spreading?


(You know, before this whole thing heterosexuality didn’t seem to need defending. Now we can clearly see it does. No gay pride event ever gets a huge gang of organized thugs attacking it outside of the Islamic world)

3. Meanwhile, in Cape town South Africa, riots directed at foreign nationals…

4. Katie Hopkins on how London Mayor, Sadiq Khan seems to have allowed massive protests of Pakistanis to vandalize the Indian Embassy

4. Katie Hopkins on the vandalism of the Indian Embassy in London, seemingly allowed by Mayor Khan


(Katie H. is correct about what the revocation of the articles that allow Islamic supremacy in Kashmir means)

5. Muslim woman in Chicago incites to revolution

Thank you Miss Piggy and all who sent in these tweets.

Three Tweets of note

1. This video suggesting an Aug. 17th classic Hitlerian false flag event against patriots seems very likely.

2. Twitter shows the depth of its dishonesty and fraudulent nature to its users once again:

3. I like this one, But the whole thread is worth a look:

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Democratic Socialists of America

More on this org. soon.

FYI: Although these clips make them appear ridiculous, and these clips are ridiculous, they have managed to get elected at all levels of government a lot of people. AOC for one, is a child of the DSA and she has a media organization she uses which are solid commies, called, Seize the Means Productions. Which of course is a play on Marx’s “Seize the means of production”, a central dogma of communism where violent revolution results in the new state taking over any and all methods of creating goods from farms to factories.

Again. more on this soon.


China threatens Hong Kong with deadly force, African with machete disarmed in Spain

African armed with machete, disarmed by Spanish Police

Chinese make warning video of use of deadly force to Hong Kong Protestors

Some important tweets on the immediate state of things. NZ and Canada especially


Five Zeitgeist delivery tweets: Nov. 16/18

1. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the most powerful man in the European Union.

2. BDS movement curiously targets the one non-offender

3. Canadian journalist, Candice Malcolm, has noticed that Canada refuses real refugees, preferring instead the people who cause real refugees to exist.

4. This is disappointing. Was this an Obama appointed judge?

5. Just how communist is the West now? Twitter will not tolerate questioning cultural-Marxist fiction with facts.

I have to stop now. This much evidence of the utter and total destruction of real human rights like freedom of speech and conscience, (where conscience means the right to pursue and discuss truths, including Western and scientific truths as well as observable facts), is giving me a headache.

More soon.

Geert Wilders Tweets



A few odd tweets for Oct. 16/18