Data points on how the UK has left democracy far behind in favour of sharia-communist control over thought and speech

For those of you that missed the Tucker Carlson clip on Julian Assange last week, here it is below. This clip alone shows that the UK has political prisoners. Assange, who has committed no crime, and we are unsure if he has even been charged with one, but most certainly he has NOT been tried for one, has been in jail since April 11, 2019. Over two years. By the look of him, he has been tortured. According to Tommy Robinson, who managed to exchange words with Assange when they both where guests of her majesty at the same facility, Assange was being kept in solitary and was indeed being tortured albeit in the more psychological rather than medieval ways. I have not found the video clip Tommy leaked on Assange in Prison yet but its out there somewhere and we posted it when it was first released.

The Assange case shows that any pretence to democratic rule of law is dead in favour of elitist communist style narrative forcing along with sharia law, which we saw with Kevin Krehan, who was killed in prison for the crime of leaving a strip of bacon on a mosque doorknob and his lady friend left a bacon sandwich on the steps outside the mosque.

Below, is an interview we did with another victim of sharia law and communist PC working in tandem to silence anyone who dares speak against the narrative. The full write up can be seen at RAIR foundation and we recommend reading it. The post has been nearly a year or more in the making. We also have the original video for which the main person involved, Louis Duxbury, was put in prison. There is absolutely no reason that in a democracy the maker of the video should ever be even visited by the police, let alone imprisoned. but we all have decided not to repost it in order not to make Louis’ suffering at state hands any more severe than it already has been.

Below, the 2019 interview:

We spoke to two of the witnesses at his trials. Both of them felt that a severe miscarriage of justice had been done. Even if one applies the unwritten law of political correctness, he was not guilty.

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3 Replies to “Data points on how the UK has left democracy far behind in favour of sharia-communist control over thought and speech”

  1. We’re talking about Hegel and malicious prosecution, they’re talking about why kids should sit on drag queen’s laps.

    I’m not saying we’re going to win, or that vladtepes represents the majority, but I look at that blogroll to your right and I see the real media elites.

  2. I’m just floored by what the system is putting this innocent young man through. He has no decent future in Britain, he must leave. They will hound him like rabbid dogs after a dead corpse.

    That said, the day will come there will be a clash between the over-protected Islamists and the Woke Commies. And the Islamists will win. Wokeness is unaware of the history of Islam.

    • I do recall your original report on Louis Duxbury, Vlad. What a horrible miscarriage of justice in neo-Marxist Britain. What a tragedy for this poor man who seems to be no different than any person concerned about the Red Green hijack of western civ. Britain seems doomed, and let this be a warning to all conscientious objectors to collectivist brutality in other countries.

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