Is this a meaningful comparison?

Many years ago when this author first noticed irregularities in the Matrix, shall we say, there was a guy who basically put the entire concept of blogs on the map as a thing.

If I recall properly, his name was Charles Johnson. And he ran a site called Little Green Footballs.

What put him on the map was a single event. He affected the outcome of an election by exposing a narrative lie about George Bush II.

60 Minutes, and then all the rest of the MSM, had decided to get rid of Bush by fabricating a story that he had been dishonourably discharged from the Air Force for some invented reason. The story took and of course, conservatives who support the military, honour and so on, somewhat shifted support away from Bush.

Then comes LGF who noticed that the document 60 minutes showed, was written on Microsoft Word which did not exist in 1973. It was clearly a fraud. The Font and line spacing etc. etc would have to have been done on a word processor and printed. not typed.

The narrative fell apart.

Shortly after that, LGF became irrationally leftist and he lost his following. So irrational, again if I recall correctly, that it seemed unlikely that even he believed the stuff he posted.

Flash forward to basically now:

Julian Assange in 2016 released leaked documents that showed a tiny fraction of Clinton malfeasance and far worse, and probably won the election for Donald Trump. Now Assange is not a conservative per se, except in the sense that he appears to believe in the Bill of Rights. Which should be good enough for all of us frankly.

Assange has now been in a British prison without trial since April 11, 2019

In discussions with an old libertarian like-minded counter-jihadist on Twitter this morning, I was reminded of LGF and Charles Johnson. And it auto-collated.

Did both these men suffer the consequences of interfering with a leftist narrative that slowed the revolution down?


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  1. What the rats in power have done to Julian Assange is extrajudicial punishment by process. He has spent the best part of 12 years being incarcerated in one place or another.
    These days, real criminals hardly ever get such long sentences.

  2. I suspect that we actually live in a dictatorship somewhat similar to Putin’s Russia.

    The difference is that in Russia, the control is more blatant, because the level of belief in the system is lower. Yes, I actually think that people here are more brainwashed.

    Here, they don’t usually NEED to go as far as to (effectively) make people disappear: they just use ridicule, “cancel culture”, unperson them, and it’s enough.

    In those few rare cases where that isn’t enough, then we see that they do the same things as Putin does, pretty much.

    Tommy Robinson is another case like that.

    • Closer to China I think. The North American regimes are big fans of the Chicoms. Not at all dissimilar from the elites who fawned over Mussolini and Hitler.

  3. Now there’s a thought.
    Although what I’ve seen in these last two years alone makes me, sadly, believe that this is not going to happen again.
    The flood of downright Fraud that has been uncovered and been shown to the public seemed have to run of the vast majorities psyche like water from a duck.
    Most have placed jackboots onto their feet and march in lockstep with the fraudsters.

  4. “Did both these men suffer the consequences of interfering with a leftist narrative that slowed the revolution down?”

    Yes, absolutely. Regarding Assange, consider that he worked with Emma Best. Best fabricated the claim that Assange was a “Putin stooge” (Hillary emails), along with a variety of other assorted nastiness. Best walked scot-free – Assange, well no.

    Best now runs “Distributed Denial of Secrets” (DDOS) that has been involved in the “doxxing” of political opponents of the regime. This includes publishing the Canadian Trucker Convoy donor list, along with LEA rosters, and ransomware attack products of targeted “evil corporations” (i.e., those who do not play ball with the regime).

    DDOS was initially designated as a “terrorist hacker group” by DHS, and about 2 months later, received tax-exempt status from the IRS. That was 2018, and they are still going with apparently zero interference from Federal law enforcement.

    Considering that Best and Assange worked together (and Best played ball and Assange did not), we can see quite the disparity of treatment between the two, no?

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