Leaking info that makes the globalists look bad, Vs. actual crime by globalists to advance the agenda

Tucker Carlson speaks to member of Julian Assange’s family. Julian has been in a British gulag, I say Gulag and not prison as he has had no trial and has been mistreated for over a year now at least, for what is not even a crime. Using leaked information about government is in fact journalism, so I don’t want to use a word like prison that connects it to a democratic penal institution) for the crime of, well no actual crime actually. Which is why he hasn’t had a trial.

Meanwhile, Trudeau used hacked and stolen data to punish people who contributed to a LEGAL protest and used that stolen hacked data to freeze their bank accounts. In a way, that was a good thing. It showed people who are capable of independent thought based on actual events, (reality Vs. imposed pseudo-reality) that the system is not what they think it was. But the central point here is that Trudeau actually used a crime to perpetrate more crimes and is unpunished. While Assange did not commit a crime at all, and is in a gulag facing years of mistreatment. Now, he is being extradited to the US under a Biden/Obama communist regime in all but name.

As it was Assange who provided factual information that made ‘Die Parti’ look bad enough to get Donald Trump elected, it’s not hard to imagine what will happen to him once the guards all go for a cigarette and the cameras all fail at the same time.

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In case people are unaware of what Trudeau did to people who contributed to the Freedom Convoy, even before he illegally declared a legal protest to be illegal.

One committed no crime and is in a gulag for an indeterminate sentence without trial, and frankly will probably be killed in an American facility. The other did commit many crimes, and is Prime Minister of Canada.

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  1. I think I can answer that question, because the vast majority of todays “Journalists” are firstly, ideological retarded and secondly, bought and paid for puppets of the Global “Elite”, like those place-mats in our respective Governments.

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