This explains a great deal

UPDATE: A comment just came in suggesting this is from a FAKE ACCOUNT. Mea Maxima Culpa if this is the case.

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7 Replies to “This explains a great deal”

  1. It does and with luck will drive another nail in the coffin of her political career. However this won’t happen unless the Dems and their media slaves decide to push this information.

  2. This is from a parody account, it’s fake.

    The information could still be true, but that document, as well as this twitter account, aren’t from Wikileaks. Assange’s twitter just has his name, not the ‘real’ bit.

  3. “Mia”: Perhaps in future refrain from posting “leaked” medical documents, no matter the source. No reports, MRI’s, disability claims, etc. That pledge would strengthen your apology.

  4. Heck, almost everyone with a pulse would have posted that document. It is at the very least, a reasonable explanation for the face plant to the van floor at Ground Zero, not to mention the head jerking, and fixed open mouth, wide-eyed awe and wonder of a 2 year old seeing confetti and balloons drop for the first time.

    If indeed it is a fakery, an apology, unnecessary in the first place, is sufficient.

  5. If I were trying to make the conservative side look bad I would release fake “facts” like this and sit back laughing as they destroyed their own credibility. Yup. That’s what I would do…

  6. It’s great that the error is corrected, but the regret should lead to addressing the process of deciding what to post. In what way does an unverifiable leaked medical record provide any more credible confirmation than what one would otherwise have?

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