What happens if you criticize the European Union with solid authoritative analysis?

Please read these two articles by Diana West on Vladimir Bukovski

#1 Silencing Bukovsky

#2  FLASH: British Court Imposes Gag Order on Bukovsky Libel Proceeding

What kinds of things does he say?

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Lancashire Council receptionist jailed after attempting to derail grooming trial

And another reason why no nation should trust muslims in the civil service or in any position where they can operate as agents for Islam over agents of the state.


Mohammed Imran Amjad Mohammed Imran Amjad ‘s girlfriend accessed a database 60 times
A woman who worked in social services has been jailed for attempting to derail a grooming trial.

Receptionist Mahdiya Khan accessed a computer database 60 times to get details of a child sex victim.

She was jailed for eight months, but details have only just emerged. Three men have also been found guilty of interfering in the case.

Mohammed Imran Amjad, 26, was earlier jailed for four years and three months after he admitted abusing a child.

Five others were cleared of rape, sexual assault and child abduction at Burnley Crown Court in April.

Suspended and dismissed

Detectives realised Amjad’s girlfriend, Mahdiya Khan, had tried to undermine the case. She was a receptionist working for Lancashire County Council social services in Burnley.

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Video on child-sex-grooming more concerned about occasional flashes in the video than who forced children to be sex slaves.

This is stunning. The phenomenon of child-sex slaves is nearly 100% a matter of people who move to England and look at the country including its people as a vast chest of booty to be (ideally) abused for maximum profit for the invaders. This is logical. Only outsiders with no cultural similarities would look at children the way these Muslim immigrants do.

Yet the video below would make it look like the Pakistani (mostly) Muslim immigrants who are doing this to thousands and thousands of white British children could be just anyone. The video shows far more concern that someone with epilepsy might have a bad reaction to the occasional flash of light in the video than that we know the truth about who is taking our children and making them drug-addicts and sex slaves.

Judge’s fury as sobbing teenager branded ‘wicked woman’ by barrister is forced to read out sex abuse details

From The Daily Mail:


  • Judge said to defence barrister Tayyab Khan: ‘It’s extremely painful for the witness’
  • Victim is one of seven alleged victims in a sex exploitation trial
  • Seven men deny over 50 charges relating to sexual exploitation and child prostitution

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 3:57 PM on 4th August 2011


The witness, suggested to be a The witness was suggested to be a “compulsive liar” and a “wicked woman” by defence barrister Tayyab Khan. (Picture posed by model)

A judge was forced to intervene after a barrister tried to force an alleged victim of child-sex grooming to read out graphic details of her alleged abuse.

The witness, suggested to be a ‘compulsive liar’ and a ‘wicked woman’ by defence barrister Tayyab Khan, is one of seven alleged victims in a sex exploitation trial at Stafford Crown Court.

But the 19-year-old, who cannot be named, left the stand in tears as she was asked to read out her account of an alleged sexual assault on her by her step-father – unrelated to the sex exploitation trial – that she made to police in 2005.

The teenager was asked why she had retracted her claim her step-father raped her when she was 13. 

She said when she told her mother, the allegation was reported to police, but she retracted it a day later to protect her ‘because I didn’t want my mum to be upset’, the jury was told.

The alleged victim, the third of the seven alleged victims to give evidence at the three month trial, insisted it was not a false allegation, according to The Times.

Mr Khan suggested she had invented the story and asked her to read out details of the abuse she claimed to have suffered.

Crying, she read out a section of her account, and broke down a second time.

The witness is one of seven alleged victims in a sex exploitation trial at Stafford Crown Court pictured On the stand: The witness is one of seven alleged victims in a sex exploitation trial at Stafford Crown Court pictured

After some members of the jury shook their heads at her distress, judge Robin Onions stepped in and said: ‘It’s extremely painful for the witness, Mr Khan. Why can’t you read it to her?’

Later, Mr Khan said: ‘You are a compulsive liar. You have told lies about my client, also?’

The lawyer said she had told lies about his client, 23-year-old Ahdel Ali, who with his brother Mubarek Ali, 28, is accused of arranging her prostitution in 2008 and 2009. Continue Reading →

Girl of 15 ‘sold off to chip shop workers by gang for £100 petrol money’

From The Daily Mail

By Claire Ellicott

Last updated at 9:12 AM on 16th June 2011
'Gambling habit': Tanveer Ahmed leaving Stafford Crown Court‘Gambling habit’: Tanveer Ahmed leaving Stafford Crown Court

A married man sold a 15-year-old girl to restaurant workers for sex so he could buy petrol to get home, a court heard yesterday.

Tanveer Ahmed, known as ‘T’ to the young children he groomed, arranged for three men to have sex with the youngster for £100, the court was told.

He pocketed the cash to put fuel in his car and pay off gambling debts.

The 39-year-old is one of nine Asian men on trial for 55 separate charges – which include trafficking, grooming and rape – against teenage girls aged 13 to 16 between 2007 and 2009.

Stafford Crown Court heard that the men, six of them married and one a grandfather, groomed their vulnerable victims before selling them to other men for sex.

The seven teenage girls, all from Telford, Shropshire, were said to have been ‘enticed and ensnared’ into a destructive world by offers of drugs, alcohol and top-ups on their mobile phones.

The girls ‘believed themselves to be loved and in love with some of the men’ but were described by their abusers as ‘******* slags’ behind their backs, the court was told.

The jury heard the 15-year-old ‘pimped out’ by Ahmed fell pregnant by one of the men she was sold to, but he continued to prostitute her. She kept the baby.

Deborah Gould, prosecuting, told the jury that Ahmed targeted the girl by establishing a sexual relationship with her.

He then began to sell her to workers at pubs, restaurants and fish and chip shops to fund his gambling habit. Continue Reading →