Video on child-sex-grooming more concerned about occasional flashes in the video than who forced children to be sex slaves.

This is stunning. The phenomenon of child-sex slaves is nearly 100% a matter of people who move to England and look at the country including its people as a vast chest of booty to be (ideally) abused for maximum profit for the invaders. This is logical. Only outsiders with no cultural similarities would look at children the way these Muslim immigrants do.

Yet the video below would make it look like the Pakistani (mostly) Muslim immigrants who are doing this to thousands and thousands of white British children could be just anyone. The video shows far more concern that someone with epilepsy might have a bad reaction to the occasional flash of light in the video than that we know the truth about who is taking our children and making them drug-addicts and sex slaves.

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6 Replies to “Video on child-sex-grooming more concerned about occasional flashes in the video than who forced children to be sex slaves.”

  1. The arm coming out of the car in the video clip appeares to belong to a white man. They just cannot bring themselves to face the truth.

  2. Have a look at the people arrested, tried or convicted for this crime. Tell me how many are non-Muslims and for that matter, non-Pakistani or South Asian. This would appear to be overwhelmingly a Muslim on infidel crime. Even some senior members of the British government have admitted this.

    Because it may not be 100% Muslim or Pakistani, does not mean it is not primarily a problem of Islamic values any more than the presence of a few Americans in Mexican drug gangs make it not an issue of Mexican drug gangs.

  3. Granted there are sicko’s in all cultures who want sex with little kids, but Islam is the only culture that has pedophilia as one of the central tenets of their culture and religion. Anyone who tries to defend them by playing the cultural equivalence game is sick in a different way but it is as evil as the Moslems embedded pedophilia.

  4. Exactly. The ‘intellectual slight of hand’ which is moral relativism, requires that no one notices the difference between a crime and policy. Some Catholic priests abuse their positions of trust, for example, to sexually exploit children. This is a crime and not in keeping with church dogma or policy. However it is a celebrated fact that Mohamed has multiple wives and his ‘favorite’ one, who recounts in her memoirs, ‘beat her on the chest causing her great pain’ was 6 at the time of marriage and various sexual acts and 9 at the age of genital penetrative sex, and so this is policy.

  5. @DP111. Also watch From Paris with love. That one too is produced by Luc Besson and concern pislamic terrorists. Travolta gives wax on, wax off a whole different meaning. Hehehe

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