Unmasked Judeophobia: The War on Civilization

On Sunday Nov 13 2011, Fred Litwin’s Free Thinking Film Festival screened the Canadian premiere of Gloria Z Greenfield’s new film, Judeophobia, the trailer for which is below.

Gloria is also the woman who made the truly excellent film, ‘The Case for Israel’, which needs to be seen by every Western university, so of course it never will be.

After the film, Gloria spoke to the audience along with Canadian member of Parliament, The Rt. Hon. Irwin Cotler.

Fred had the event filmed and their speech is below. I am reliably informed the Q&A will be posted later where, as often is the case, the Q&A often contains the most hard hitting information. I hope to be able to offer you the whole film at some point in the late winter or early spring, as the film maker was kind enough to allow this blog to stream her previous film for one day, she may offer the same for this one as well. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy her speech below.


Free Thinking Film Society presents: The Biases of the CBC

November 13, 2011, 2 PM
Library & Archives Canada
395 Wellington, Ottawa
Admission:  $15 ($10 for students)

Please join us for our first self-produced documentary which examines whether the CBC is biased against Israel and biased against conservatives.

After the film, we will have a panel discussion with:

  • Mike Fegelman of HonestReporting Canada.
  • Stephen Taylor of the National Citizens Coalition
  • Brian Lilley of Sun News.
  • Eric Duhaime from the Le Journal de Montreal.
  • David Krayden from the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies.

This event is part of the 2nd Annual Free Thinking Film Festival which runs between November 11-13th, 2011.

For more information, please visit www.freethinkingfilmfest.ca

Admission to this event is just $15! Or you can buy a festival pass for $75 and see all the events in the Festival.

This event is co-sponsored by Le Réseau Liberté-Québec.

David Solway highlight from Salim Mansur, Ottawa book launch Sept. 10 2011

Ottawa’s Free Thinking Film Society hosted another great night last night featuring Salim Mansur’s new book launch. I will post a great deal more about that as time allows but as today is a majorly busy news day, it may have to wait. Fortunatly there was the usual videographer at the FTFS event who was kind enough to supply me with the footage of the evening, and here is a moment that I really liked.

The whole night will be up and available within a few days, time permitting.

Ever wonder what Maher Arar does with his $10,000,000 he got from the Canadian taxpayer cause he claims he was tortured in Syria?

So much wrong with this one hardly knows where to begin. Maher Arar, who holds dual Canadian and Syrian citizenship, was sent back to his other country by the US, where he alleges that he was tortured. For this reason, the Canadian government felt compelled to pay him something like $10,000,000.00 for his trouble and one of the things he does with it, is publish a magazine.

He recently published an article about Ottawa’s Free Thinking Film Society and some of the guest speakers it has brought.

Let’s do a little fact checking.

From his magazine Prism:

Anti-Islamic propagandists Anne Coulter of the U.S. and Geert Wilders of the Netherlands had their say not long ago in Ottawa. They warned Canadians against being nice to Canadian Muslims. Now others are following suit.

1. Ann Coulter never spoke in Ottawa. A collection of anti free speech Muslims and leftists stopped her with a fire alarm among other things before she could speak one word in Ottawa. Unless he meant some other woman who does have an E at the end of her name then I have no idea about it. But Ann Coulter never spoke in Ottawa at all.

Here is an associated Press video showing the cancelation:

As to Ms. Coulter telling people not to be nice to Muslims, well we know thats utter fabrication as we have established that she did not speak in Ottawa. Below, the speech by Geert Wilders in Ottawa. Please let me know if any of you can find anything he says which remotely says that “people should not be nice to Muslims”. However one can find a great deal of instruction in Koran, hadiths and especially, Reliance of the Traveller, advising Muslims to not take friends of the unbelievers.

Geert Wilders Ottawa Speech May 10 2011 from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.


Moving on to the second paragraph:

“Another function in Ottawa was then sponsored by The Free Thinking Film Society to feature Bruce Bawer and Hege Storhaug. Bawer’s recent book, Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom“, labels Islam a threat. Hege Storhaug is disturbed by the “Islamization of Norway.” The Free Thinking Film Society’s website describes Sharia, or law based on Islam, as akin to Nazism. Their rantings are wildly inaccurate.”

Well I’m glad he got one thing right. Bruce Bawer does indeed consider Islam a threat. The article does not say to what though. I think it would be safe to say that Mr. Bawer considers Islam a threat to modern multilateral liberal democracy. He may say that because pretty much every Muslim leader states that as often as they can when they have a Muslim audience. Mr. Bawer is also gay. He also no doubt considers Islam a threat to his rights as a gay person. Given the number of hangings in Iran of Gays and murder by stoning and other methods in the rest of the Islamic world and open declarations of areas being “homosexual Free Zones” in recently conquered territory by Muslims such as Tower Hamlets, London. However I challenge anyone to find a single reference to sharia law as being “akin to Nazism” on the Free Thinking Film Society’s web site. For the record, I think sharia law is very similar to Nazism in some ways while not being similar in others. Nazism for example, really liked most art, especially classical representative art while sharia law would have it all destroyed as blasphemy and idolatry. So in that way they are different. But in terms of, kill all the jews and make the world one uniform perfect utopia based on our image and kill or enslave all who do not agree” well in that way, Islam and Nazism do indeed have a lot in common. Just have a quick look at the huge amount of diversity of cultures and beliefs within Islamic nations for example. Of which, when you remove the slaves, there is none to speak of.

Here is the article from Mahar’s site. See how far you can get without needing an anti-emetic.

Eeyore for Vlad

Bruce Bawer and Hege Storhaug in Ottawa June 8 2011

Here is a link to the whole evening except for panel and questions, which I will try and do this weekend. For now, till I work out a bug in the embed code, please click here to see the speech on women’s rights in Norway and in the Islamic world thanks to the rules and authority of Islam.

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Geert Wilders interview Ottawa Canada May 10 2011

Last night, Geert Wilders spoke to a packed house in Ottawa Canada where he was greeted, I am proud to say, with a standing ovation as he walked into the room.

James Cohen who works extensively with the Free Thinking Film Society and with the International Free Press Society was able to get an interview with Geert yesterday afternoon at the club where the private reception for Geert took place. I am editing the video of the speeches from the National Arts Centre yesterday evening of Geert, Ezra Levant and Rabbi Jonathan Housman and hope to have those up sometime tomorrow. All were excellent. Meanwhile, here is the interview with Geert.Thanks again to IFPS-Canada as well as Fred Litwin’s Free Thinking Film Society for putting on this event.

Once again, Firefox users will have to click here and watch the interview over at bankoran.com while everyone else should be able to see the video here.

Interview with Geert Wilders. Ottawa May 10th 2011 from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

Gary McHale complete presentation on Caledonia

Earlier in the week I posted a few clips from the Free Thinking Film Societies night on Caledonia. This is the complete presentation by the second speaker, Gary Mchale. I did a separate interview with him earlier that day which I will post when I get a chance to edit it. Also I have a couple more speakers from that night to post I hope to be able to finish within a week or so. I welcome your comments on this one in the meantime.


Gary McHale complete Caledonia – Computer from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.