Bruce Bawer: Ottawa Sept. 14th speech and Q&A

After literally days of editing uploading file size changing and developing cool logos for everyone with some new software I bought, I finally have the Q&A session from the night with Bruce Bawer online for all too see.

I think the interaction of the panel, of David Harris, Terry Glavin, Bruce Bawer, and Marc Lebuis is well worth the time to watch. All of these men come from quite diverse backgrounds and interests politically but have one very strong thing in common. The threat Islam poses to secular liberal democracy.

If you have already seen Bruce’s speech in Ottawa from Sept. 14th, go to the second video and watch the Q&A

Eeyore for Vlad

Link: Bruce Bawer Speech part one

Link: Bruce B Q&A4

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  1. If this doesn’t scare the hell out of you, you are brain-dead. But just sitting around waiting for the end, of being aware of the threat to our way of life, is not enough. This requires political action to elect people who will do something, representatives who are not slaves to the political correctness rot that has infected our societies. Multi-culturalist insanity must be defeated at every level – in politics, in academia, in the media.

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