Germany: Communist Kurds Clash With Police

Düsseldorf – a Kurdish November 4 protest with some 20,000 participants is turning into major clashes with police, as participants insist on displaying flags of the banned organization PKK (Kurdish Workers’ Party), violating German law. Apparently, the police have now had to bring in anti-riot water cannon vehicles.

An original translation from Die Welt:
Kurdish Demonstration Escalates
Police Use Pepper Spray
November 4, 2017, 2:19 PM CET

Several thousand Kurds congregated in Düsseldorf at a demonstration for releasing the captive PKK chief Abdullah Öcalan. They displayed his portraits, which is illegal. Clashes ensued.

The Kurdish demonstration in Düsseldorf on Saturday saw clashes with the police, after numerous participants displayed illegal flags with the portrait of the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan. The officers were attacked with flagpoles, and upon that had to use pepper spray, said a police spokesman. The police had stopped the two protest marches, as they were displaying the illegal flags.

A photo reporter confirms that the officers repeatedly asked over loudspeakers to roll up the illegal flags, to no avail. Several protesters were taken into initial custody.

The protest was organized by an alliance of several groups, including organizations like NAV-DEM (Kurdisches Democratic Society Centre), who are close to the banned Turkish Workers’ Party PKK.

The participants came with busses from all across Europe, a speaker of the event said. They were expecting 25,000 participants.

Friday evening, the Superior District Court North Rhine Westphalia had, in an express hearing, explicitly confirmed the established jurisdiction that demonstrations may not display flags and banners with portraits of Öcalan (File.: 15 B 1371/17). The PKK is classified a terrorist organization in Germany, the European Union, and Turkey..

In mid September, a Kurdish festival organized by NAV-DEM caused dismay in Cologne. The German embassador in Ankara was summoned to the Turkish foreign ministry.

The organizers of the demonstration in Düsseldorf demand the release of the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, who serves a life sentence in Turkey. The PKK is classified a terrorist organization in Germany, the European Union, and Turkey. As they are close to the PKK, the NAV-DEM is on the watch list of the Office For The Protection Of The Constitution in Germany.

Translator’s note:

RT has a live stream on Youtube:

A detonation took place at an apartment block in southern Stockholm the night to Monday the 14th of September.

An original translation by Liberty Dk.

From Swedish News

The target may have been the premises of a Kurdish association.
We are looking at it, says John Larsson, KC-command at the Stockholm police.
Police classifies the bombing as a “special event”.
The alarm call to the police about a detonation in Fittja, in southern Stockholm, was received at 01:44 in the night.

According to the newspaper “Aftonbladet” the explosion was said to have occurred at a Kurdish community centre in the basement of an apartment block. This was confirmed by police earlier this morning.

It is difficult to say at present time whether the fact that it was a Kurdish association has any relevance to the explosion. There is a business located there as well, says Lars Bystrom, spokesperson at the Stockholm police.
We are now looking into the reason for the explosion.
The police have classified the incident as a special event which means that extra resources can be allocated.

It is not unusual that we do this for felony cases. This allows us to use resources from other parts of the country. For example, we can radio in police vehicles from other areas says Lars Bystrom.
No-one was injured.
No people were injured in the explosion, but several windows had been smashed.

When the patrol arrived there was smoke and a smell of burning, but there was no fire. A number of windows of the property were broken at basement level plus the apartment above, said John Larsson, KC-command at the Stockholm police.

It is unclear whether the incidence is connected to the troubled demonstration where groups of Turks and Kurds clashed at Sergels Square in Stockholm.
Throughout the day we will try to ascertain whether or not there is any connection, says Lars Bystrom.
Bomb Technicians were in place

Bomb technicians were working the sealed-off site during the night and well into the morning.
The work at the site is now completed. It remains to be seen if there are clues which can help the investigation forward, says Lars Bystrom.
The event is classified as “destruction endangering the public”.

Turks and kurds mix it up in Stockholm Sweden

It seems that yesterday was a Europe wide conflagration between Turks and Kurds. We have videos from Germany and Switzerland and now Sergels Torv (square) Sweden.

An original translation from Liberty DK.

From this Swedish News site



A demonstration at Sergel Square in Stockholm held on Sunday afternoon became a little unsettled.
A group of Turks and a group of Kurds started harrassing each other and the police had to intervene.
There have been thrown some bangers, (firecrackers?) says Sven-Erik Olsson from the Stockholm police.
During the day today, there was a demonstration in Sergel Square. The afternoon ended but then it became a little unsettled.
We were trying to separate the two factions, says Sven-Erik Olsson of the Stockholm police.
Aftonbladet reporter on the scene, Victor Stenquist, confirmed that the police had to use batons to avoid a clash between the groups.
Police cordoned off Klarabergsgatan and reportedly closed several entrances to Åhlens (department store).
But now it is peaceful, said Sven-Erik Olsson later.
13 people were detained and taken into custody according to the Police Act.
Two people were arrested for assaulting a person who was taken to hospital.

[The video at this Facebook page may give an indication of what Aftonbladet means by “unsettled”]