A detonation took place at an apartment block in southern Stockholm the night to Monday the 14th of September.

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From Swedish News

The target may have been the premises of a Kurdish association.
We are looking at it, says John Larsson, KC-command at the Stockholm police.
Police classifies the bombing as a “special event”.
The alarm call to the police about a detonation in Fittja, in southern Stockholm, was received at 01:44 in the night.

According to the newspaper “Aftonbladet” the explosion was said to have occurred at a Kurdish community centre in the basement of an apartment block. This was confirmed by police earlier this morning.

It is difficult to say at present time whether the fact that it was a Kurdish association has any relevance to the explosion. There is a business located there as well, says Lars Bystrom, spokesperson at the Stockholm police.
We are now looking into the reason for the explosion.
The police have classified the incident as a special event which means that extra resources can be allocated.

It is not unusual that we do this for felony cases. This allows us to use resources from other parts of the country. For example, we can radio in police vehicles from other areas says Lars Bystrom.
No-one was injured.
No people were injured in the explosion, but several windows had been smashed.

When the patrol arrived there was smoke and a smell of burning, but there was no fire. A number of windows of the property were broken at basement level plus the apartment above, said John Larsson, KC-command at the Stockholm police.

It is unclear whether the incidence is connected to the troubled demonstration where groups of Turks and Kurds clashed at Sergels Square in Stockholm.
Throughout the day we will try to ascertain whether or not there is any connection, says Lars Bystrom.
Bomb Technicians were in place

Bomb technicians were working the sealed-off site during the night and well into the morning.
The work at the site is now completed. It remains to be seen if there are clues which can help the investigation forward, says Lars Bystrom.
The event is classified as “destruction endangering the public”.

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  1. Well, if you welcome the Middle East into your country, what else do you expect? Maybe you haven’t noticed, that’s how things work out there. Just as much as they all hate us, they all hate each other as well, and don’t have the advantages of a culture and a civilisation which left this behind way back.

  2. As the MSM will ‘reveal’ to us this ‘incident’ has nothing to do with Islam , but is a cultural misunderstanding between the groups.

  3. As the “refugees” from the middle east settle around the world we can expect more violence between the Turks and the Kurds, which begs the question of why are Turks refugees

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