Bangladesh braced for clashes as Muslim leader Abdul Kader Mullah is sentenced to death


Violent scenes expected after court overturns life term for war criminal and orders his hanging


Bangladesh’s security forces are braced for unrest after the country’s highest court issued a death sentence for an Islamist leader convicted of war crimes – a move that sparked protests by his supporters and the potential for further clashes on Wednesday.

RE POST: Tomorrow belongs to me

I did this video some time ago. But given events since then, most notably in Bangladesh, I think it is time for a repost. I still can’t get over the fact that the media overwhelmingly assists muslim supremacists bent and determined to enforce the most fascistic ideology on earth today, slightly short of North Korea, by failing to call the armies that march on two Bangladeshi cities what they are.

Invading armies.

Pretending instead that this is some kind of street protest for some kind of rational rights and not what it is, a half million strong army of thugs supported by their ideological brethren all across Europe demanding that all who oppose their religion or resist being ruled by it be put to death. This is by any sane definition not a protest but a war. So where is the fight back?

People have to be allowed to know the truth before they can make a sane decision. At the end of the day, who bears the greater responsibility for the deaths of all those at the hands of muslims who would rule us? The Muslims themselves, or those who through deliberate policy distorted or denied the information that would allow the rest of the world to determine what actions were in their own interests.

It looks like a pretty even split from where I sit.

Police in Bangladesh seem to have about had it with rioting muslims demanding total supremacy and death to islam-critics

These cops need better batons

And before anyone feels any sympathy for the ‘salafists’ remember what they are doing. They are:

1. Rioting to shut down 2 major cities in order to force islamic religious law on all

2. Demanding that anyone critical of point 1 be put to death.

3. Not waiting for point 2, they have targeted and murdered outspoken critics of islam and continue to do so.

This is no different than had the Nazis stormed the streets of New York or London and started rioting to demand Nazi rules and laws for everything be applied to those nations. It is an act of war and nothing less, even if it is disguised as civil disobedience. The police based on the reality of the situation are actually showing restraint. Shooting them like any army would shoot any violent invader attempting to force a political ideology not in accord with democratic principles would in fact be the rational thing to do.

Muslim ‘protestors’ destroying random cars. How is this not terrorism?

Muslims and their leftist front men in England agitate for the caliphate.

The one below is classic leftist propaganda using Islam

Bangladesh Islamist rage: Death sentence sparks new round of street violence


Clashes were reported in Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong and several other major Bangladeshi cities, the Times of India reports.

Activists of the Jamaat-e-Islami party have been hurling stones and handmade bombs at security forces, who were deployed in great numbers in anticipation of a new wave of protests after the hearing.

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Odd non-report from (presumably) Bangladesh

This guy grew up in Toronto from the sounds of it. And the bearded clam at the back seemed quite amused by it all.

I wonder if the person doing the reporting is aware that all the rioting and killing was the jihadis and religious muslims demanding the faux-right to kill anyone who is islam-critical, or does not accept its total supremacy within Bangladesh, a nation with millions of non-muslims?


Death toll in Bangladesh clashes rises to 20 – police



DHAKA, May 6 (Reuters) – The death toll on Monday from clashes in Bangladesh between police and hardline Islamists has risen to 20, police said, as violence spread from the capital Dhaka to other parts of the country.

Of the total, 13 people died on the outskirts of Dhaka, five were killed in the southeastern city of Chittagong and another two died in Bagerhat in the south.

On Sunday, around 200,000 Islamist supporters marched in Dhaka to press demands for reforms that critics say would amount to the “Talibanisation” of a country that maintains secularism as state policy.

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People killed in Chittagong yesterday. 

WARNING: This video starts out as a banal thing of burned out motorcycles and then near the end goes lord of the flies. Just another look at the peace islam brings to all.

Islamic book shops burnt

H/T M The Daily Star:

Rafiul Islam


People showing half burnt Islamic books later on. Photo: Focus Bangla

People showing half burnt Islamic books at the south gate of Baitul Mukarram mosque in the capital yesterday evening. Photo: Focus Bangla

Hefajat-e Islam activists, teamed up with Jamaat-Shibir men, set ablaze dozens of shops selling Islamic books — among many other makeshift stalls — on footpaths around Baitul Mukarram Mosque yesterday evening.
“They are enemies of Allah! They are enemies of the Prophet! How can they set the Holy Qur’an on fire?” cried a bookshop owner trying to douse the blaze after the attackers left the scene.

The attackers set fire to everything they could by the roadside between Purana Paltan intersection and Dainik Bangla intersection. They put up concrete obstructions to bar the law enforcers from reaching the scene.

Firefighters, with the help of the police, brought the flames under control around 9:00pm, when shop owners frantically rushed back to salvage the remains of their livelihoods.

Police, taking position at Purana Paltan intersection, repeatedly fired rubber bullets as the demonstrators attempted to advance and attack them.

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OK This one is confusing. *UPDATE* Mystery solved

*** UPDATE ***

It turns out that in Bangladesh and elsewhere in South east Asia, competing mosques, presumably for the title of most peaceful, routinely attack each other and burn each others  mosques and contents down to the ground. I am reliably informed that is what happened here.

Of course, there will be no blasphemy charges or any other legal fallout because all that crap is just for we infidels. When tards do it, its all in keeping with the fine upstanding example set by the pirate Mohamed.

I am hoping to get a translation of this video soon for the details.


Some Korans and books of hadiths were set on fire in this protest, apparently by muslims. I can’t tell if this was a mistake that occurred when they tried to burn down the market adjacent to a mosque or if this was deliberate to make a point or what.

If anyone can find an article paste it in the comments and Ill move it up into this space.


Mail Online has this article with pictures. 10 dead and hundreds injured.

Another RT video showing how a lifetime of studying islam prepares you to run down the street shouting threats, wishing death on those who won’t obey you and waving sticks around like rabid monkeys.