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8 Replies to “Muslims honour the founder and first pirate of islam, mohamed, by reproducing his attack on Mecca at a Hindu temple in Bangladesh”

  1. Just saw that Tommy Robinson was just arrested for walking.

    While they were talking to the police a “man” came up and attacked Kevin Caroll.

    The police didn’t want them to walk past the East London Mosque, one of the terror mosques featured in Undercover Mosque and headquarters of the super creepy Islamic Forum of Europe, a secret society who’s members have to swear to not expose that they’re members and that instructs them how to infiltrate and subvert other organizations.

  2. Police didn’t wan’t them to walk past East London Mosque or go into Tower Hamlets. Supposedly because they feared violence would be commited by radical muslims and their leftist mercenaries again.

    Police were bugging them while they walked. Kept saying they MAY be arrested. “Mr Robinson and Mr Carroll repeatedly asked if they would actually be arrested…”

    The reporter does not say the police gave them a definite answer, meaning they didn’t tell them anything more specific than “MAY be arrested.”

    Policeman was talking to Tommy. Kevin Caroll is attacked. While police is dealing with that- Tommy and Kevin continue walking.

    Police then arrest them, and I kid you not, “on suspicion of obstructing police”. By walking at a mile per hour or by being attacked? Obvious bullpucky.

    Preventing a disturbance of the peace by preventing people from legally doing something legal in order to prevent others from breaking the law is practial but unethical.

    This is the sky news story about it:


  3. Richard. They desecrate churches weather they’re in the majority or not. If they can’t descrate them they just run in and heap abuse on christians during services.

    Muslims don’t completely hate churches. When they used to raid England coastal towns, they’d wait till sunday when they knew everyone was in church then attack and enslave the whole village.

    Eventually Elizabeth I started to pay them extortion.

  4. Sad. Yet this does not get world wide press. Hindus being attacked by Muslims get buried. An empty unused for years mosque (Babri) originallydeliberately built on top of Hindu Ram temple ruins torn down by Hindus so they can rebuild the original temple is talked about ad nauseum, only after years of Muslims refusing to move the mosque to another location (the site is sacred to Hindus but not to Muslims so their Mosque could be moved to another place). But not Muslim attacks on active Hindu temples not built on any sacred Muslim site.Thanks Vlad for not burying this.

  5. To be clear the mosque was torn down only after years of Muslims refusing to move it. That sentence was bit too long.

  6. The UK is lost, and we will be following closely behind…
    I hate Islam, the psycho cult, and every hijab wearing woman I see here in Canada, makes me vomit, When I enter a place where I see someone wearing religious head gear, whether male or female, I go to another place.
    We should not allow these backward cultist to push their religious costumes into our mainstream culture….We just allow it, dhimmis,

    And by the way, how many of the 15,000 new refugees Jason Kenney was talking about that we have allowed into Canada in the last year are Isamic? How many are Christian? These politicians
    even though they are the best we can hope for, are still allowing the conditions to exist that will
    destroy our way of life


  7. Truthiocity they have to be about 15% of the population before they start being real obnoxious, once they reach that number they think they own the place.

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