RE POST: Tomorrow belongs to me

I did this video some time ago. But given events since then, most notably in Bangladesh, I think it is time for a repost. I still can’t get over the fact that the media overwhelmingly assists muslim supremacists bent and determined to enforce the most fascistic ideology on earth today, slightly short of North Korea, by failing to call the armies that march on two Bangladeshi cities what they are.

Invading armies.

Pretending instead that this is some kind of street protest for some kind of rational rights and not what it is, a half million strong army of thugs supported by their ideological brethren all across Europe demanding that all who oppose their religion or resist being ruled by it be put to death. This is by any sane definition not a protest but a war. So where is the fight back?

People have to be allowed to know the truth before they can make a sane decision. At the end of the day, who bears the greater responsibility for the deaths of all those at the hands of muslims who would rule us? The Muslims themselves, or those who through deliberate policy distorted or denied the information that would allow the rest of the world to determine what actions were in their own interests.

It looks like a pretty even split from where I sit.

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  1. Things are scary, the left has damaged the west severely in their attempt to take over the world, the Moslems are taking advantage of this damage to try and conquer us, while we as usual set back asleep. Hopefully we will once again wake up in time to fight back in survive, but it will be a close run thing.

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