Attack in Beer Sheba and Russians give muslims what they always say they want most

1. The Russians are granting all the death the muslims can pray for in Darya Syria. I hope they send Moscow a nice card and some flowers.

2. Beer Sheba today

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M. and all.

It still strikes me as interesting that we live in an age where there are often many more camera angles on real events than there are cameras used in movies of fictional versions of similar events.

Hardline monks claim victory as Myanmar Muslims face poll exclus

(Anyone think he may be on to something? For anyone unsure, this clip from Belgium might help explain the words of the Buddhists in Burma. There was a clip of the spokesperson for Sharia 4 Belgium we uploaded a few years ago explaining how some muslims will use democracy to take over and then implement the sharia and others will do it by force. Small distinction he explains. Looking for that clip now. Was filmed by the Christian Action Network and edited by VTB)

Tahiti: One of the few places left willing to stand up for their own culture, customs, laws and peoples.

Here is an article and video translated by Oz-Rita (Thank you very much for your hard work OR) on the most recent issues and protests in the Polynesian Island’s attempt to resist Islam, sharia, halal foods etc. from dominating their island paradise.

From Facebook:

Dear Friends,

We all share the same concern regarding the presence of the self-proclaimed Imam Hicham El Berkani on our territory. His personality, his lack of transparency (his origins, funding), his defiance of our laws, his insistence on returning here while he is banned in the USA, lead us to have serious doubts about him.

In the interest of keeping our social peace, the collective “To Tatou Hiro’a, Ta Tatou ‘Arora’a” has organized a peaceful march to show the authorities that our fears are justified and that we want to have answers to our questions:

Why is this imam allowed to circulate freely on our territory, while he is considered potentially dangerous by the American Secret Services?

Why is he allowed to officiate freely, while he is manifestly an outlaw (illegal)?

We ask for the definitive expulsion of this suspicious “Imam”.

Lets march together to preserve our identity, our culture, our future and that of our children.


The march took place Saturday 12 July 2014 at 1 pm.

Buddhists in Burma take harsh action against muslims there.

I don’t understand exactly what triggered this round of attacks. Are they retaliatory? Was a gang rape or murder of a Buddhist nun etc. the first spark? Or was it actually an orchestrated hate-crime against the peace loving and much-contributing muslim population of Burma.

According to Irrawaddy, a muslim attacked and stabbed a Buddhist with a pair of scissors during an argument, in his eye. Four muslims where involved in the attack on the Buddhist who then went and hid to avoid arrest. And then, as usual, from a muslim perspective, the fight started when they hit us back.

But let’s say that indeed this was a peaceful and cooperative community of muslims who enrich Burmese culture a great deal with their piety, education, forward thinking and kindness as we are so accustomed to in large muslim communities elsewhere. Then I have a solution for them. The good muslim victims in Burma should look to one of the over 50 nations in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and move there. They must teach the Burmese a harsh lesson and the best way is to deprive Burma of the wonderful enrichment that a large community of muslims brings wherever it goes. One can only imagine the sorrow that the general Burmese community would feel when women’s rights and individual freedoms would suffer a blow like that.

Imagine. It would mean tons of hospital closures. Certainly the Royal Burmese Ballet would end with no great dancers or patrons left. No more brilliant architecture and no new major art galleries. No more great inventions and medical advances credited to Burma and its people.

Yes, its harsh, but clearly the best solution. If I were a Burmese muslim, I would be calling the movers right about now.



China: 6 killed in knife attack in Changsha town

Six persons were stabbed to death and the fleeing assailant shot dead by the police in a deadly knife attack in the central Chinese town of Changsha on Friday morning.

State media said that a dispute between two Uyghur vendors led to a slashing spree in a busy market in the central Chinese city of Changsha.

It led to one of the persons involved in the fight randomly stabbing passers-by, spreading panic and chaos in the area.

“A knife fight broke out between businessmen Hebir Turdi and Memet Abla at around 10.15am at Shahuqiao Market in northern Changsha City, the provincial capital,” the official news agency Xinhua said in a report on Friday evening.

Abla was hacked to death by Turdi, who later stabbed 4 passersby as he ran away. Police shot Turdi, killing him, the Xinhua report said.

Two of the passersby died at the scene. Two others died in hospital.

While the 2 involved in the fight are evidently Muslim Uyghurs, authorities did not identify the remaining victims. Hindustan times:


Bulgarians remember, and they are not about to let it happen again.

In that part of central Europe, many people do remember the heavy toll islam took on the land and the people. The person from whom I took a name to start this site had to pay a tribute of a great deal of the nations wealth as well as 500 boys every year to the Sultan as a kind of extortion racket on a national scale. Something islam does well as it generates no wealth itself.

So consider this the feel good movie of the week. Some people remember, and let it be known that they do.

The building you see being attacked is a mosque. We posted many videos of this demonstration a few days ago. More will appear in the comments Im sure.

Translation of yesterday’s Russian video:

“Members of the terrorist organisation Takfir and Hijrah were arrested in Moscow. Weapons and explosives including suicide bomber vest were found at their apartment. The members of the group would get money through theft and sale of the stolen goods in the Coucusus region. One of the members have been identified as Ukranian convert.”

The names of the groups are quite significant IMO

Thank you Russkiy for helping out on this one.

Polynesian Islanders protest Islam, mosques.

This should bring tears of joy to everyone’s eyes. A people confident enough in their own religious, culinary and cultural traditions that they actually protest those who would seek to obliterate it and even the memory of it. If they can do it, what in the world is wrong with all of us?

Thanks Bear for the translation and GoV for the edit

Burmese Buddhist group gets somewhat ambivalent BBC write up

Stories are here and here

The pictures from October last year show dead children with their heads cut open and the bodies of women with their internal organs spilling out of their torsos.

Wirathu said he put them up as a reminder to Buddhists that the country is under attack from Muslim “invaders”.

“Muslims are only well behaved when they are weak, ” he said. “When they become strong, they are like a wolf or a jackal, in large packs they hunt down other animals.”

Wirathu believes there is a Muslim “master plan” underway to turn Myanmar into an Islamic state.

Links and news for Aug 27 2013 – 2

1. Syria has 500 scud missiles pointed at Israel.

(This report is apparently verified by several other sources and not exactly new)

2. Syria, a classic false flag: Trifkovik

3, I have received educated opinions that the video posted here earlier of the Al Qaeda people firing what appear to be chem-weapons are likely exactly that. That further, the various Muslim Brotherhood factions such as Hamas etc. are capable of multiple methods of delivery of chemical weapons using former soviet delivery systems, even katuyshes etc.  I will publish more later if this was not confidential info.

4. Georgia: Stand off between locals and authorities over the dismantling of a minaret given to a mosque by Turkey which the government dismantled. Series of links below and video. (Thank you M)

4a. Authorities Remove Minaret Forcibly, Sparking Muslim Community’s Protest

4b. Muslims detained for protesting minaret dismantling 

4c. Photos of the op

4d. 17 minute news video in Georgian dialect

4e. Minaret before being dismantled Georgian 3:45 long

4f. More before video

4g. Dismantling of minaret. (crack open a coke!)

4h. Halal Porkchop 90 second version