Police in Bangladesh seem to have about had it with rioting muslims demanding total supremacy and death to islam-critics

These cops need better batons

And before anyone feels any sympathy for the ‘salafists’ remember what they are doing. They are:

1. Rioting to shut down 2 major cities in order to force islamic religious law on all

2. Demanding that anyone critical of point 1 be put to death.

3. Not waiting for point 2, they have targeted and murdered outspoken critics of islam and continue to do so.

This is no different than had the Nazis stormed the streets of New York or London and started rioting to demand Nazi rules and laws for everything be applied to those nations. It is an act of war and nothing less, even if it is disguised as civil disobedience. The police based on the reality of the situation are actually showing restraint. Shooting them like any army would shoot any violent invader attempting to force a political ideology not in accord with democratic principles would in fact be the rational thing to do.

Muslim ‘protestors’ destroying random cars. How is this not terrorism?

Muslims and their leftist front men in England agitate for the caliphate.

The one below is classic leftist propaganda using Islam

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13 Replies to “Police in Bangladesh seem to have about had it with rioting muslims demanding total supremacy and death to islam-critics”

  1. The trouble in all Islamic societies is Islam.

    In Islam each in individual muslim scholar thinks that he has discerned correct meaning of the koran. The effect of this is that any other interpretation is heresy of the worst kind, and has to be eliminated with ultimate sanction.

    As there is no concept of restraint or tolerance, the result is always deadly violence. Even the tiniest offence leads to deadly violence, which is then met with corresponding violence. And so the cycle continues.

    In Pakistan, elections are considered evil by one faction of Islam. Instead of opposing it by argument, they respond with deadly bombs. The government will eventually respond with even more deadly violence. And so on.

    There is no hope for Pakistan, or Muslim countries, until they peacefully abandon Islam and adopt Christianity.

  2. The bastards in these mobs have been getting together to kill people and have been doing it for a while. We just saw them kill two shopkeepers a few days ago. When they join these “protests” they KNOW EXACTLY what’s going to happen.

    If the police hadn’t shown up these “protestors” would have become a mob and killed again.

    And we’re supposed to feel sorry for them when they get stopped before they can kill again?

    I hope they shit their pants and then died.

  3. In video 3 at about 1:40 you can see the ground is littered with poles. Those are the same weapons they used to beat the shopkeepers to death last sunday. So we can see that that was exactly what they were planning on doing again.

    We are NOT looking at police brutality. The police were preventing premeditated murder.

  4. Truthiocity,

    I have never seen Muslims being beaten in the street in this manner anywhere in Europe by the police. Please tell me where you’ve seen it in Europe “for years” as you claim.

  5. JohnJoe:

    You are misreading Truthiocity’s meaning and intent. He meant that vicious and barbaric rioting islam is in Europe now and has been for years.

  6. It certainly is amazing to see the police behave like this to people who are trying to impose sharia. The question is will this prevent the muslims in the future or have they learnt their lesson. They could in that case then try the softly sofltly approach with an occasional burst of violence we see in Europe and the States.

  7. No. I mean I want them to be treated as what they are. An invading army demanding to force the whole population to live under their religious laws with no opportunity for protest and no consideration for the majority of the population at all.

    I want them to be treated as what they are. A gang of half a million who were beating all kinds of Hindu shop keepers to death with wooden sticks the night before.

    I want the army to come and wipe them out.

  8. Wow! Giving these terrorists a taste of their own medicine. This is the only language they understand. Muhammad / Allah / Islam / Qur’an poisoned their minds so much there is no reasoning with them. You just have to beat the devil (Muhammad) out of them when they are committing violence.

    When I saw these terrorists getting beaten and left bloodied, all I can think about are the millions of their victims worldwide who are raped, subjugated, terrorized, tortured and murdered all because they are non0Muslim, and they have no recourse in Muslim lands because the Muslim motto is “that’s what you get for rejecting Islam.” Well this video shows what you get for acting like Muhammad.

    If Muslims want to protest orderly and peacefully, voicing their concerns, then we should respond orderly and peacefully. But when they are acting like their false prophet Muhammad in full bloom, creating chaos and disorder and murder, then this is the only language they understand. Let them feel the pain they cause to millions of Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and even Muslim females!

  9. What Eeyore said.

    And let me reiterate my two comments. These people who we see being beaten by police were armed with sticks we see littered on the ground in one of these videos.

    They were going to use those sticks to beat other people to death just like they did in videos seen last sunday. They know what these mobs have been doing and stil joined in. They expected to attack unarmed people and commit premeditated murder. Again.

    So they deserved what they got no matter how horrid. I wish I could be all amnesty international about this but they were intent on killing more people and deserve as much pity as they were going to give their intended victims.

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