Bangladesh braced for clashes as Muslim leader Abdul Kader Mullah is sentenced to death


Violent scenes expected after court overturns life term for war criminal and orders his hanging


Bangladesh’s security forces are braced for unrest after the country’s highest court issued a death sentence for an Islamist leader convicted of war crimes – a move that sparked protests by his supporters and the potential for further clashes on Wednesday.

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3 Replies to “Bangladesh braced for clashes as Muslim leader Abdul Kader Mullah is sentenced to death”

  1. One thing I will say about Muslims is that they have a lot of ‘get up and go’, Why don’t we have the same?
    Why are we not rioting in the streets when Muslims commit terrorist attacks? Why are we not threatening to overthrow our governments? Why are we not burning down mosques?

  2. Because we “are civilized” the left has spent a lot of time convincing us that we can’t do anything like that because it would be tacky, the problem for them is that they have also spent a lot of time destroying the morality that allowed their teachings to take hold. What they have done is set the stage for a massive backlash when people get upset enough. Westerners have a lot of patience and do their best to work within the law, yet when they can’t get redress for their grievances through the law they will end up resorting to extra legal means, just not as quickly as most people think, or want.

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