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15 Replies to “BBC on the exodus of muslims from Burma to one of the 50 odd muslim countries.”

  1. Wherever Muslims go, people die. An Islamic migration into Bangladesh will be a win-win for Burma and Bangladesh.

    Burma will rid itself of a restive population and Bangladesh will have more targets for their domestic terrorists to play with. What’s not to like?

    • Oh, so that is what it means, to clear out the very last dregs of the lowest of the low, crawling on their bellies for favor from The Most Merciful, to finally, at last, have a country without any God Botherers?

      Of will they now worship those taken-children, who can stare at candles for eight hours until unknown if they are dead or alive, to still leave untouched bowls of food out for them?

      Or will they embrace the new Diversity-Pride Personalities of The West, who no longer have sex with blonds who are brunettes having evolved from a narcissistic diet of happy meals?

      What doesn’t kill you isn’t unsane.

  2. A perfect example of shameless and sentimental propaganda disguised as “journalism”. Does anyone who has walked upright for more than 2 generations (intellectually speaking) still believe the “angle” of the BBC ?

    • Not really, the BBC like most of the LSM has run out their useful time as useful propaganda sources. Right now the left is in panic mode trying to find a way to block the alternative news sources that insist on reporting the facts. The war is far from over and we will have many more nerve racking nights before it is over.

      • O/T Hi Richard,
        I always seem to miss Yucki when I drop in. Please give her some hugs from me – I’m sure she is very worried of the Tards trying to turn Israel into the scorched earth and desert, they leave everywhere they go. They will not succeed with Israel though!
        Arabs/Muslims are not the “children” of the Desert, but the “fathers of the deseert”. It’s in fact the only thing they (pro)create: Desert.

  3. You know, if the people of Myanmar really feel that strongly about not wanting a Muslim enclave within their borders, then what’s the point of even trying to make it work at all? It is their call isn’t it? And for all I know the Burmese are being oppressive, but since the Muslims always claim to be the victims in every one of their too-many-to-mention conflicts around the world, who can tell who’s lying and who’s not. I do believe the Muslims have used up all their sympathy points and then some…

    And you know what else? If they don’t collectively smarten the f up, this is going to start happening more and more often…

    • @ Chris Jones: I read today: “Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 32,307 Attacks, 206,789, Killed, 289,576 Injured that we know of.”

      This will not decellerate, to the contrary. so I hope you are right in saying “If they don’t collectively smarten the f up, this is going to start happening more and more often…” and I hope it will happen !


      • Chris is right, public opinion is turning as the LSM loses its power to set the worlds opinions. In the long run they will be forced out of most nations and forced to assimilate in the ones that don’t kick them out. But that is in the long run, in the short and medium run there will be more violence.

        • As I mentioned elsewhere, this massive discrediting of the American media was, perhaps, our greatest victory of all in this past election cycle. These lying bastards will pay dearly through viewership and readership loss over the next several months as cable contracts and newspaper subscriptions expire, never to be renewed again.

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