Update: Vietnamese officers shot dead by Chinese Uighur Muslims

Five Uighur Muslims and two Vietnamese police killed in gun fight
18 Uighur Muslims illegally entering Vietnam were arrested by Vietnamese police who received request from the Chinese authorities to send them back to China, but some of the arrested robbed an AK-47 from a guard and opened fire at police.

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Chinese Uighurs at center of three nation intrigue


First, the YT video from March 17

And another one. This one shows that there are at least some devout muslims amongst this group

Today’s article from Phuket

China, Turkey Now Tussling for 400 Mystery Men, Women and Children Captive in Thailand

The mystery travellers, who arrived in Thailand in three groups last month with the assistance of human traffickers, claim to possess Turkish extraction. Turkey and Australia have been named as their preferred destinations.

But these people – mostly young families – are suspected of belonging to China’s persecuted Uighur minority. If they are returned to China, their fate is bleak, say the human rights groups.

Today there were dramatic developments following a report published in the Financial Times from Beijing that China wants the men, women and children returned there as fast as possible.

(One can only wonder if China wants them back as having fluent Chinese speakers who can blend in with the locals and are active enemies of the state of China but living in Turkey is thought of as a security risk)

Deadly clash at China police station

From The Guardian:

Two officers among 11 dead from attack in Xinjiang province, where ethnic Uighur insurgents are challenging Chinese rule

A government paramilitary patrol in Xinjiang
A government paramilitary patrol in Xinjiang, the restive Uighur region of China where a deadly attack on a police station has taken place. Photograph: Reuters

A total of 11 people were killed in an assault on a police station in the north-western region of Xinjiang, the local government has said. It is the latest in a series of attacks pointing to growing unrest in the area.

Two auxiliary police officers and nine attackers were killed in the incident on Saturday afternoon, the Xinjiang regional government said in a statement posted on its microblog.


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More on the Chinese exploding car.

M sent in the following report based on a google translate. Video below:

Car with 3 Uighur Muslims hits pole and explodes in Tiananmen Square

Google translate

At 12:05 on October 28, 2013 Xu , a light-colored jeep Xinjiang license by the nanchizi south , turn right into rapidly moving from east to west Chang’an Avenue sidewalk . Driver side continued whistle warning passers- side pedal to the metal to break through isolation belt speed ahead .

In successively hit by dozens of less than escape after the car lost control and eventually crashed into the south side of the Golden Water Bridge guardrail Tiananmen East , SUVs then fire and explosion .

Jeep drivers and occupants of three people have been confirmed dead . Incident has caused a total of five people were killed and 38 people were injured, including three people inside the car accident killed two tourists were killed, including a Filipino female tourists , a Guangdong Province male tourists .

Reporters learned from the Beijing Public Security Bureau , the Xinjiang the vehicle license plate number for the “New A45559”, in addition this car off-road vehicles has also been used three different licenses , namely the “new A82Q53″, ” new C96063″ and “New BM7831”.

Police have mastered the sport utility vehicle three dead identity of the two , are the Uighurs in Xinjiang , male, one aged 43 and another aged 25 . They are:

· I buy jade Sup Tierney Ya Zi , male , peasants, Muslim , ID number : 652 122,197,011,160,531 , registration address: Xinjiang Shanshan Lukeqin Town Village a group of three .

Ai Yu Sup co Puti , male , peasants, Muslim , ID number : 653 223 1988 06 27 391X, household registration address: Hill County, Xinjiang

Read more at + video on the page :

Militants had no overseas terror links, official says

This is interesting if true. It means Islam inspired these attacks and not Al Queda.

From South China Morning Post:

Choi Chi-yuk
Sep 16, 2011 The militant groups that launched three bloody attacks in Hotan and Kashgar in late July were homegrown and had no foreign terror links, Xinjiang authorities said yesterday as they released new details about the assailants….

Meanwhile, from AP:


BEIJING (AP) — A militant Muslim group claimed by video it carried out recent attacks in western China that killed at least three dozen people, a monitoring group said.

The video was purportedly made by the Turkistan Islamic Party, which seeks independence for China’s western Xinjiang region, the SITE Intelligence Group said this week. The militants are believed to be based in Pakistan, where security experts say core members have been trained by al-Qaida.

Xinjiang is home to largely Muslim ethnic Uighurs (pronounced WEE’-gur) who say they have been marginalized by an influx of China’s majority Han to the region. Ethnic riots there two years ago killed at least 197 people.

Security has been raised, but still, dozens were killed in slashings and arson and hit-and-run attacks in the cities of Hotan and Kashgar in July.

The more than 10-minute video released in late August features Turkistan Islamic Party leader Abdul Shakoor Damla, whose face is blotted out, saying those attacks were revenge against the Chinese government.

Ben Venzke, of Washington-based IntelCenter, another monitor of militant groups, said TIP threatened to attack the 2008 Beijing Olympics and should be taken seriously.

Racial attacks reported in Kyrgyzstan

A Stratfor report came in this morning reporting ‘racist attacks on Russians’ within this enigmatic little former Soviet state, Kyrgystan, which you may recall had a violent coup this week. Here is the Stratfor report:

Kyrgyzstan: Russians Report Attacks – Foreign Ministry

April 15, 2010
Reports of racially motivated attacks on ethnic Russians and Russian nationals in Kyrgyzstan concern Moscow, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said April 15, RIA Novosti reported. Calling the reports grassroots racism, a ministry spokesman said there have been complaints that Russian citizens’ businesses and homes have been attacked throughout Kyrgyzstan.

Below, is a small section of the CIA fact book on that wonderful little country that may help explain these ‘racist’ attacks. i bet I know who is attacking who. Better read it now before Obama has the CIA scrub any little ‘inconvenient truths’ from it.

CIA fact book Kyrgyzstan

More Muslims should try toothpicks.

Here is a SITREP you don’t see every day. Organized gangs of Chinese Muslims have been attacking Han Chinese with toothpicks and safety pins to ‘spread fear’. I would put this in the ‘piss me right off’ category. If I was attacked by a Muslim with a toothpick I would defend myself with a pork tenderloin. This would be proportional at least even if the UN would call it a war crime.



September 16, 2009
Police in the Xinjiang Uygur province arrested seven syringe needle attack groups, China Daily reported Sept. 16. The deputy director of the Urumqi public security bureau said 75 suspected syringe needle attackers were apprehended and more than 36 related cases are resolved. Eight needle attack suspects are tied to Tursunjianj Turdi, a group suspected of organizing several secret meetings to plot needle attacks and provoke hostilities among ethic groups. Suspects reportedly stabbed people with sewing needles, safety pins and toothpicks to spread fear.

China: Police Arrest Suspected ‘Terror Gang’ In Xinjiang
September 16, 2009
Six suspected members of a “terror gang” have been captured by police in China’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, Chinese authorities said Sept. 16, Xinhua reported. Two of the alleged gang’s leaders were among those arrested, and materials for making explosive devices were seized in police raids in the suburbs of the city of Aksu, police said.

Really really harsh video of Chinese riots. This is pornographic in its horror

[kaltura-widget wid=”0xscn87eia” width=”410″ height=”364″ addpermission=”3″ editpermission=”3″ /] Please see this web site if you speak or read Mandarin. Lots of photos and information there. Caution the photos are very harsh as well. Additional videos are at Bare Naked Islam. h/t jdamn and TROP.

Two Chinese embassies attacked by ‘Pro-Uighur’s activists’

According to Reuters:

July 7, 2009
The Chinese embassy in the Netherlands was attacked July 7 by exiled pro-Uighur activists who smashed windows, a Foreign Ministry representative said, Reuters reported. The attack in the Netherlands follows an attack on the Chinese consulate in Munich, Germany on July 6, when two unidentified people threw Molotov cocktails at the consulate building.

Also, from AFP:

©AFP / Peter Parks

A Han Chinese mob march up a street in Urumqi. Thousands of angry Han Chinese armed with poles, meat cleavers and other makeshift weapons stormed through Urumqi as the flashpoint city riven by ethnic tensions descended into chaos.

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China and the Muslim Uighurs. Some history.

China has long been suspecting the Uigurs of using religion to foment separatist and anti Chinese sentiments. Specifically, using Mosques. Could it be so? How can this be? Would a Muslim ever use a house of worship to spread hatred and dissent of a host culture? Here is an article from ITN Source:

Every Friday afternoon when people in Beijing preparing for their weekend, 4000 kilometres away from the national capital, China’s Uighur people are carrying out their most important and sacred activity – prayer.
The Uighur are an Islamic people who share linguistic and cultural bonds with China’s neighboring Central Asian countries.
But their religion is under attack from Chinese authorities, who claim that in recent years separatists are using their Muslim faith to forment terrorism in an attempt to break away from China.
Xinjiang, China’s most remote northwestern province, is home to more than eight million Uighurs…

Meanwhile, in China today:

China 1China 2

China 3China 4From Stratfor: July 7, 2009
Hundreds of Uighur protesters July 7 clashed with Chinese security forces in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang, two days after riots left 156 dead and over 800 injured, Reuters reported. Meanwhile, Chinese police arrested 1,434 people in a round up that protesters say was conducted arbitrarily. Police also dispersed around 200 people at the Id Kah mosque in the city of Kashgar late July 6.