More on the Chinese exploding car.

M sent in the following report based on a google translate. Video below:

Car with 3 Uighur Muslims hits pole and explodes in Tiananmen Square

Google translate

At 12:05 on October 28, 2013 Xu , a light-colored jeep Xinjiang license by the nanchizi south , turn right into rapidly moving from east to west Chang’an Avenue sidewalk . Driver side continued whistle warning passers- side pedal to the metal to break through isolation belt speed ahead .

In successively hit by dozens of less than escape after the car lost control and eventually crashed into the south side of the Golden Water Bridge guardrail Tiananmen East , SUVs then fire and explosion .

Jeep drivers and occupants of three people have been confirmed dead . Incident has caused a total of five people were killed and 38 people were injured, including three people inside the car accident killed two tourists were killed, including a Filipino female tourists , a Guangdong Province male tourists .

Reporters learned from the Beijing Public Security Bureau , the Xinjiang the vehicle license plate number for the “New A45559”, in addition this car off-road vehicles has also been used three different licenses , namely the “new A82Q53″, ” new C96063″ and “New BM7831”.

Police have mastered the sport utility vehicle three dead identity of the two , are the Uighurs in Xinjiang , male, one aged 43 and another aged 25 . They are:

· I buy jade Sup Tierney Ya Zi , male , peasants, Muslim , ID number : 652 122,197,011,160,531 , registration address: Xinjiang Shanshan Lukeqin Town Village a group of three .

Ai Yu Sup co Puti , male , peasants, Muslim , ID number : 653 223 1988 06 27 391X, household registration address: Hill County, Xinjiang

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4 Replies to “More on the Chinese exploding car.”

  1. oh deary me, the poor uigher, the injustice,
    basically they are as backward and barbaric in values and customs as
    the tibetians, nepalese,
    they are like the taliban islamics
    tribal people with the same insane customs and values
    Hopefully the Chinese will continue to deal with them as they have been
    and thankfully no decent Chinese citizens were killed by these extremists

  2. China arrests 5 Muslim Terrorists over Tiananmen Square jeep suicide attack

    The Chinese authorities say they have caught five suspected Islamist militants in the wake of the “terrorist attack” on Tiananmen Square which killed five and wounded dozens.

    They identified the driver as Usmen Hasan, whose name, local media reported, suggests he was an ethnic Uighur, a Muslim minority living in the far western region of Xinjiang.

    His wife and mother were with him in the car, along with devices filled with gasoline, knives and a flag with “religious extremist content” written on it, a police statement said.

    Five people connected with the incident were caught just 10 hours after the attack, with help from the Xinjiang government, the police said, all of whom also have names that suggest they are Uighur.

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