Chinese Uighurs at center of three nation intrigue


First, the YT video from March 17

And another one. This one shows that there are at least some devout muslims amongst this group

Today’s article from Phuket

China, Turkey Now Tussling for 400 Mystery Men, Women and Children Captive in Thailand

The mystery travellers, who arrived in Thailand in three groups last month with the assistance of human traffickers, claim to possess Turkish extraction. Turkey and Australia have been named as their preferred destinations.

But these people – mostly young families – are suspected of belonging to China’s persecuted Uighur minority. If they are returned to China, their fate is bleak, say the human rights groups.

Today there were dramatic developments following a report published in the Financial Times from Beijing that China wants the men, women and children returned there as fast as possible.

(One can only wonder if China wants them back as having fluent Chinese speakers who can blend in with the locals and are active enemies of the state of China but living in Turkey is thought of as a security risk)

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  1. “The Pope’s Anti-Semitic Plan for Jerusalem”
    On his trip to the Middle East, the Pope is going to make obvious his support for the PA and antagonism for Israel.

    Pope Francis’ visit in the “holy land” will be a kind of final solution for the Jewish sovereignity over Jerusalem.

    After visiting Amman, the Pope will be received by “the President of the State of Palestine” (words taken from the Vatican official note).

    Then the Pope will be received in the “Phoenix Center of the Dhaisheh refugee camp”. He will endorse the “inalienabile right” of millions of descendants of Palestinian Arab refugees to repossess the homes and villages that their grandparents and great-grandparents had lost in 1948, an act which would dismember the modern state of Israel.

    The Vatican always presented the 1948 war as the source of an “injustice” committed by Israel when it “pushed away” the Palestinian Arabs.

  2. That plan for to be put under the control of a council of religions has been put forward before and was always shot down. With Obama in control they may think they have a chance to get it done.

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