Canada now an authoritarian state stage 1: Information control

Anyone wishing to see any site like this one, or one that may contain facts which contradict the narrative, need to get a VPN today. Make sure you set the server proxy outside Canada. For all I know, the Government of Canada has a workaround for this. But for the moment this should defeat any blockages that the Trudeau Government installs.

There are many VPN companies and they are not equal. NORD VPN is a good one and I believe they do not keep logs of users and servers. I i will add links to VPNs that are reputable once I have the names.

Anyone who thinks the intent of this is not a full protection of a leftist narrative from objective truth only needs look at Trudeau’s M-103 which was an attempt to kill any factual criticism of Islam in accordance with UN resolution 16/18.

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  1. I am not a Canadian, but I use a VPN all the time when I go looking for information. On it now in fact. I use Mullvad, they don’t keep records either, lots of servers around the world. One thing to keep in mind… there are various countries that coordinate internet access information. I believe the term is Five Eyes. There are also other groups of countries that share and/or track information. And there are some that don’t. Check which places are less likely to collect and track information and whether your chosen VPN has connection points there. Also consider, cheap is not always better.

    One other thing… The US has considered some legislation (quietly) to try and ban or limit encrypted connections and communications. Just something else to keep track of.

    • One other thing… The US has considered some legislation (quietly) to try and ban or limit encrypted connections and communications. Just something else to keep track of

      That’s not gonna happen. Ciena 6500 encrypts all traffic between every node.
      Pretty much all of the major data centers are switching to Ciena transport gear.

  2. Safe in Leafastans fascist embrace!
    I don’t, and never have, used social disease media, and comment occasionally, and toss out the odd inflammatory polemic. It is also clear that public-access sites are, mostly, running sewers of Marxists, Marxist propaganda, informers, surveillance, the Stupid, and the Gestapo.
    Let them have it. Go underground. Resurrect the Broadsheet, and the pamphlet, and the news letter; indeed, put the humble pen to paper, and write Letters.
    F2F, real live dissident meeting-houses, Private Clubbs, Citizen’s Resistance Cells; and do use a Cell organization.
    Ban electronic data devices from your Assembles.
    Do not tolerate Informers, of any kind. Snitches=Ditches.
    Many of you do not wot, the first engagement of this War is years past. Your Government is waging War on You, and all of Western Liberal Democracy. A hostile, alien Army has been imported, and injected with Racist Privilege, and Licence; Pogroms follows, palefaces.
    Your vote means nothing, the Law means nothing, and the elites rule as Tyrants.
    Prince Chuck did mention, at Davos, the Social Contract had been renegotiated.
    You are well into a Survival Situation.
    Everyone had better fight like you mean it.
    Tood-lee-oo! and good luck with it. This hapa is wetbacking out.

  3. The Rebel News might be greatly affected. What a tragedy!


    David Lametti@DavidLametti

    Today, I introduced Bill #C36 to help tackle hate speech and hate online. Online spaces are public spaces. Like our streets, our parks or Parliament, they should be safe for everyone.

    7:22 PM · Jun 23, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

  4. Some good news: the Senate is in no hurry to approve the Bill. They intend to take their time to carefully analyze it.

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