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11 Replies to “Massive fights in southern Moscow after [Muslim] migrant accused of killing local”

  1. The same thing in England happened earlier this year. A couple of Muslims murdered a man named Lee Rigby.
    The whole of London exploded. People took to the streets and rioted against the police. They called for prosecution of Rigby’s murderers and accused the authorities of covering migrant crime as well as not fighting illegal immigration.

    Er… actually no, that didn’t happen. Nobody got particularly angry at all, but some got fairly angry a few days later when the EDL went on a march to demonstrate against Muslim crime.

    I think that the Russians aren’t quite as stupid as we are in the West, which is funny because until about twenty-five years ago they were all brainwashed commies.
    Now we’re the brainwashed commies.

  2. The Russians are pissed and are not going to take any BS from the ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’. They don’t have short memories, The Moscow subway bombing, the theater hostage massacre, the school massacre etc. etc. I’ll go so far to say they will come down hard.

  3. 194 people like this from facebook and 28 on youtube which Youtube is the source.

    That is kinda odd this isn’t even on Facebook that I could find.

  4. RUSSIA Oct 14 2013 – Moscow police detain 1,200 [ Muslim ] migrant workers

    Moscow police have rounded up 1,200 migrant workers. The arrests came just hours after thousands of Russian nationalists rioted against foreigners over the killing of a Russian man, allegedly by a foreigner.

    Police in the Russian capital conducted a raid on a produce warehouse and detained 1,200 employees on Monday, according to Moscow authorities and the Russian news agency Interfax.

    A Moscow police spokesperson told the news agency AFP that authorities had detained the migrant workers “to check their criminal connections.”


  5. Russia is still celebrating the right to dissent and working to restore their full culture, this makes then very sensitive to outside attacks.

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