Attack in Beer Sheba and Russians give muslims what they always say they want most

1. The Russians are granting all the death the muslims can pray for in Darya Syria. I hope they send Moscow a nice card and some flowers.

2. Beer Sheba today

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M. and all.

It still strikes me as interesting that we live in an age where there are often many more camera angles on real events than there are cameras used in movies of fictional versions of similar events.

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5 Replies to “Attack in Beer Sheba and Russians give muslims what they always say they want most”

    • I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that he is an attacker given all the people hitting him with chairs, kicking him in the face, trapping him under a stool, and pointing guns at him.

    • Just remember that Putin is doing this to increase his power not to stop the jihad, granted he needs to stop the jihad to increase his power but that is a side effect of his actions not the primary goal.

      • Despite what some people think he isn’t trying to revive communism but rather to increase his and Russias power, he has realized that communism doesn’t work as an economic system and is pushing the crony capitalism that the Czars used. China is using a variation of this that still has the government owning most of the stock in the businesses, This is one of the reasons that their economy is collapsing the corruption that is a result of the crony capitalism and the government ownership is the other reason.

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