Burmese Buddhist group gets somewhat ambivalent BBC write up

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The pictures from October last year show dead children with their heads cut open and the bodies of women with their internal organs spilling out of their torsos.

Wirathu said he put them up as a reminder to Buddhists that the country is under attack from Muslim “invaders”.

“Muslims are only well behaved when they are weak, ” he said. “When they become strong, they are like a wolf or a jackal, in large packs they hunt down other animals.”

Wirathu believes there is a Muslim “master plan” underway to turn Myanmar into an Islamic state.

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3 Replies to “Burmese Buddhist group gets somewhat ambivalent BBC write up”

  1. The Monks are studying history and seeing what is happening around the world, they are determined not to live under sharia law, good for them.

    The BBC is turning into an enemy of civilization.

  2. They saw what happened to the Buddhists of Afghanistan and Indian subcontinent under Muslims. They know what Islam has in store for them as Buddhists. Buddhists are considered at best polytheists and at worst atheists. Neither are originally allowed to be dhimmis. So their choice is conversion or death/enslavement. Only one school of Islam allowed Hindus and other dharmic religions to be dhimmis. But we all see how Hindus and Sikhs and Jains are treated in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Myanmar is a nieghbor. They see what has happened and is happening in South Asia when Muslims are the majority as in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh and when Muslims are a aggressive minority as in India.

  3. In conclusion, they are right to kill these jackals pack by pack in the street with bare hand and sticks after a breif intention reading quite like fortunetelling.
    I thank to the team creating the original report, which was fair and informing. However, this web version is “ornemanted” and far from being fair.

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