Boko Haram attack in northeast Nigeria kills 60: police

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From The Frontier Post:

AFP_KANO: An attack by scores of Boko Haram militants in the northeast Nigeria town of Bama has killed 60 people and caused massive destruction to public buildings, police told AFP Thursday.

Residents said gunmen stormed the town at roughly 4:00 am on Wednesday, armed with heavy weapons and tossed explosives into various buildings, forcing residents to flee into the surrounding bush.

“We are collating the figures and the death toll has risen to 60 from the Bama attack,” said Lawal Tanko, the police commissioner in Borno state, which is the epicentre of Boko Haram’s four-and-half-year Islamist uprising.

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Prison attack in Syria

There seems to be a great diversity of opinion and reportage on the Muslim-of-British-papers who drove a truck full of explosives into a prison in Syria, either freeing captured terrorists or killing them. Not sure yet what happened. Will post links and related videos below.

This is apparently related to this event. Lots of allahu ackbaring all over the place and lots of dead guys with beards and no mustaches.

This website calls the attack a “Wile E Coyote moment” and says the Syrian defense of the prison was brilliant.

The Mail Online article posted earlier today.

More as I find them. Please feel free to comment or add links in the comments that offer some clarity on this event.

Al-Qaeda invasion of Syria update

Thank you M for sending in all these links.

Jihadists kill 31 rebels in Syria: monitor

  Fighting flared on Friday between rebels and forces loyal to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, an Al-Qaeda affiliate that moved into Syria amid the armed uprising against President Bashar al-Assad in late spring last year.

It began when rebels, including Islamists, attacked checkpoints and bases manned by ISIL, which is accused of horrific abuses against other insurgents, activists and civilians in areas where they operate.

ISIL has also been accused of seeking hegemony by taking key roads and checkpoints from its rivals, and some Assad opponents have even accused it of serving regime interests.

video 1 – Al qaeda in northern Syria JAN 2014

Video 2 Muslim warriors  – of those fighting against al qaeda – in  Harim – northern  Syria

Video 3 SYRIA – Liberation of the city of Harim & massacre of prisoners

Video 4. SYRIA – Harim ( part 2 ) – dead bodies of Muslim terrorists ( graphic )

Clashes kill 62 al-Qaeda militants in Iraq: Militia leader


Iraqi security forces and allied tribesmen killed 62 al-Qaeda-linked militants in the Ramadi area west of Baghdad on Jan. 3, a senior leader of the Sahwa militia told AFP.

Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha said 16 members of the Al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group were killed in Khaldiyah, east of Ramadi, while 46 more died in the city itself.


video 1 – anti al qaeda shiites in Fallujah :

video 2 – alqaeda jihadist in Fallujah Jan 2

video 3 – summary executions of Iraqi civilians by al qaeda members :


Three links connecting former Egyptian president Morsi with Al-Qeada

Link 1:

The first telephone recording between Mohamed Morsi and Muhammad Al-Zawahiri was from the presidential institution and lasted for approximately 59 seconds. In that conversation Morsi congratulated Al-Zawahiri on his release from jail and assured him that he won’t be followed or observed by any Egyptian Authorities.

In another call, lasting approximately  ”2 minutes ,56 seconds”, Morsi told Muhammad Al-Zawahiri about the Muslim Brotherhood’s support for Al-Mojahidin (Islamist fighters), a ultra radical Islamic terrorist organization and explained the necessity that Islamist fighters support the Brotherhood  in order to succeed in ruling Egypt.

A third call was recorded a month and a half  later and  discussed  a plan between the presidency institution and the Muslim Brotherhood from one side and Al-Qaeda on the other side, to create terrorists cells inside the country  to protect the Ikhwani regime.

Link 2

Al-Zawahiri also told Morsi that he must stop building churches, and the Copts must pay “Jizia”—Fees—if they want to live in peace. Al-Zawahiri also said: you should apply the experience of Pakistan and Afghanistan in Egypt, and must execute the secularists!  Morsi replied: We have taken deterrent decisions against secularists and we will put new laws that limit their media, and we have a big budget to set up new TV channels that urge jihad and al-Qaeda ideology.

Link 3

In October 2013 Albawaba News claimed to be in possession of such recordings where ousted president Morsi committed to al-Qaeda’s leader and made several promises which included avoiding the arrest of Jihadists and personal permission to open training camps for Jihad in the Sinai.

According to unspecified sources such conversations could soon become public, with dramatic consequences for Mohamed Morsi who is currently awaiting trial in a maximum security prison near Alexandria.

I would expect this to have consequences for the Obama administration.



Report: Nigeria Islamist Group Seizing Christian Women As Slaves

Israel National News:

Boko Haram systemically kidnaps Christian women as slaves, child brides, amid fears of Christian-Muslim civil war.

By Tova Dvorin
First Publish: 11/18/2013, 4:42 PM
Soldiers from multinational force fighting Boko Haram in Nigeria
Soldiers from multinational force fighting Boko Haram in Nigeria
Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram has been kidnapping Christian women from rural areas and forcing them to convert under threats of death, Mail & Guardian reports. The women are then kept as slaves and child brides – and forced to help the terrorists kill innocent Nigerians.

Mail & Guardian brings the story of Hajja, now 19, who was forced to serve as the slave of a guerrilla unit for 3 months. Hajja recounts being forced to cook, clean, read from Islamic texts – and be the “bait” for the terrorists to lure innocent Nigerian men to their deaths.

On one mission, Hajja was sent to stand in a field near a village to attract the attention of civilians working with the army. When five men approached her, they were ambushed.

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Gunmen attack motorists in Nigeria, kill 4


(CNN) — Gunmen suspected of being members of the Islamist group Boko Haram attacked motorists in northeastern Nigeria on Sunday, killing four, authorities said.

Who are the world’s most dangerous terrorists?

Nigerian Army spokesman Brigadier Genera Ibrahim Attahiru said the men, dressed in military clothing, launched the attack on a remote road in between Ikwa and Gamboru-Ngala in Borno State, close to the border of Cameroon.


Syrian TV, chemical inspectors’ hotel targeted in bomb attacks in Damascus – report


Published time: October 13, 2013 18:17

Screenshot still from Syria TVScreenshot still from Syria TV

Multiple bomb blasts have rocked the Syrian capital of Damascus, a mortar attack on Syrian TV among them, reports RT’s correspondent at the scene.

Suicide bombers blew up two booby-trapped cars near the General Organization of Radio and TV in Damascus, state TV reported.

The other blast targeted the Four Seasons Hotel, where the foreign chemical weapons experts are staying, said RT correspondent Paula Slier on her Twitter account.

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Nigeria College Attacked: ‘Up To 50 Killed’

It appears I spoke to quickly about a quiet Saturday with no world class atrocities. Thanks DP111

Sky News:

As many as 50 people have been killed after suspected Islamist gunmen fired on students as they slept at a college in northeast Nigeria.

The attackers reportedly stormed a dormitory and set fire to classrooms in the assault which happened about 1am local time on Sunday in the town of Gujba in Yobe state.

Nigeria’s military is blaming militants from the Boko Haram insurgent group for the atrocity at the College of Agriculture.

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