Nigeria College Attacked: ‘Up To 50 Killed’

It appears I spoke to quickly about a quiet Saturday with no world class atrocities. Thanks DP111

Sky News:

As many as 50 people have been killed after suspected Islamist gunmen fired on students as they slept at a college in northeast Nigeria.

The attackers reportedly stormed a dormitory and set fire to classrooms in the assault which happened about 1am local time on Sunday in the town of Gujba in Yobe state.

Nigeria’s military is blaming militants from the Boko Haram insurgent group for the atrocity at the College of Agriculture.

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16 Replies to “Nigeria College Attacked: ‘Up To 50 Killed’”

  1. Is it my imagination, or is this Muslim thing gradually getting worse, and worse? Back a few years, when I first started going to site called “The Religion of Peace”, the number of daily Muslim terrorist killings was only a handful per day. Now, it seems, there is more like a boat-load every day. And still the left-wingers keep saying “Move along, folks…there’s nothing to see here…” Don’t they ever get mad?

  2. You spoke TOO quickly.

    I’m sorry, but it’s tough to give much credibility to an article/blog that incorporates the most simple and glaring grammatical errors.

  3. What a weekend!

    Suicide bomber kills 24 at Iraq Shiite mosque (ND/AFP, Sept 29, 2013)
    “A suicide bomber targeted mourners at a Shiite mosque south of Baghdad on Sunday, killing 24 people, police and a doctor said, the latest in a series of funeral attacks.

    The attack against Al-Hussein Mosque in the Musayyib area also wounded 27 people, the sources said…”

  4. John:

    1. I didn’t write the Sky article nor do I fabricate the events about which I post here.

    2. Please feel free to apply for a refund of your subscription fees. The CBC has a large staff of detail people and probably would not have made that mistake as none of them actually work more than 6 hours a day, unlike I, who when not working for money to support myself and pay the costs of this site, put in usually much more than 10 hours a day here. So please feel free to read the CBC. Their grammar and spelling I’m sure will ease your mind as to the veracity and value of the material presented there, since form trumps content in your world.

  5. Chris jones,

    It is getting worse, and will continue to do so. Have a look at this interview with a high ranking al Qaeda bloke from der Spiegel, 2005. Everything he predicts between then and now has happened, so there is no reason to not take his word for what he says wil happened from now on.

    We’re currently in phase four of seven phases.

  6. With regards to the misspelling of the word “too”: Everybody makes little mistakes like that now, including the CBC and CNN and everybody else – this site is a lot more accurate than the National Post, and they do have checkers. And considering how many things are put on the web by people to whom English is a second language, we should all be used to the odd “bare” when it should be “bear” and “to” when it should be “too”. It is my humble opinion that getting huffy about one tiny spelling error is inappropriate in this day and age…

  7. With the number of posts I put up on various sites, I do make grammatical and spelling errors. In most cases, it is obvious what the spelling should have been – it does not really affect the message. Sometimes though, the whole meaning of the sentence changes because of one slip. It is then that I put up a correction.

    In blogs, particularly Vladtepes, Eeyore is putting up several articles a day, with videos, translations to English, as well as editing for length. It is a huge amount of work. it confounds me how Eeyore can do it every day for years on end, unless he has full time staff backing him up.

    So thank Eeyore, for the huge amount of work you do without any recompense, except the occasional thanks you get.

    Do take a break.

  8. I stand corrected. Grammar and diction are irrelevant. My apologies to any whom I may have offended by my attention to detail and respect for English.

    The twitter post, to which I responded by coming here, offered a promise of relevant and important content. I accept that I may have misunderstood that this was more than a personal blog and thus had a higher expectation than was appropriate. Its even likely, if not probable, that my post was an over reaction after a bad day. Nobody else here has those, right?

    As for getting huffy? I didn’t. I simply noted that there was a glaring (easily correctable?) mistake (which has yet to be corrected).

    Based on the responses to my post, ‘intention’ is more important than ‘execution’. Which, not coincidentally, is why we have Obamacare. Great intention – horrid execution, but intention matters more.

    And, extra special apologies to any hypocrites whom I’ve offended, who’s responses suggest and imply that I shouldn’t have freedom of speech or a right to express my opinion.

  9. The article on the plan for the terrorism conquest of the west is very informative, it is overly optimistic about winning but that is to be expected.

    Eeyore you do an excellent job, to occasional grammar error is something happens to everyone, including John-John the fact that he can’t find anything to bitch about but grammar says he is a very poor troll.

  10. John says: “I stand corrected. Grammar and diction are irrelevant.”

    I believe this is what is known in logic as, ‘Reductio ad absurdum’ where if a thing is untrue it’s opposite must be true. A classic logical fallacy. ( Of course grammar and spelling matter. The question is whether or not they matter enough to negate the value of the material presented.

    On the other hand, I totally accept the bad day argument. I have those two (hahaha) I hope you continue to enjoy reading the site John. Hopefully both the content and the community here will be rewarding for you.

  11. I should also mention that from time to time, some people have generously helped out with the costs of this site. I want them to know that it is deeply appreciated, not just for the obvious necessity of helping pay the costs of running a site which is under near constant DDOS and other forms of cyber attacks, but because it tells me that people feel it is important work and that I should keep doing it.

    I have not taken a break from it that I recall in the roughly 8 years that I have been operating it. When I am not at this, I am working for the money to do it. I might take a short break after I finish all the Warsaw videos, the second of which I should be posting within the hour, we shall see how I feel then, perhaps in a few weeks. But thank you all for your kind words, and some of you for your donations, some of which have been quite generous and all of which are appreciated and even moving.

    Many of us have profound differences in general philosophies and would be bickering or indifferent to each other in good times. But the threat facing liberal democracy today supersedes the vast majority of these differences, even if some of us do not think so at times. Ultimately the freedom to disagree, and to disagree without bloodshed or the threat of force of the state is critical to the well being of a democracy, and one that I feel has already been derailed thanks to rules set out for the media which are tantamount to totalitarianism through brute force, in that both are designed to force you to make decisions in keeping with the ideology of the state. One through force, and one through filtering information so your decisions are cookie cutter ones. Less messy than gulags and harder to fight in many ways. Sites like this at least attempt to aggregate information and ‘de-interpret’ it so that one might see the obvious as opposed to the state sanctioned, scrubbing of information might help allow people to actually make genuine personal decisions based on all available information and perhaps allow a place to discuss events and their meanings.

    Just looking at the events at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi alone and how Islam was scrubbed from any reportage of it despite the clear slaughter of all non-Muslims by a group dedicated to the imposition if islamic law on all, should be enough to cause us to wonder. There are too many examples to list of course but this is just one from last weekend.

    Anyway Thank you all for reading, for your comments, for your kind words and thanks to those of you that were both able and willing to help out with donations large and small. All of it is helpful and all of it is energizing.

    Lastly, and on a religious note, I think that we Schrodinger’s Catholics must now recognize the existence of multiple gods. Because when one looks at the world today and how it runs, it can only have been designed by a committee.

    Thank you all again and please keep reading and commenting.

  12. 1. @ John.

    Okay, so you insulted Eeyore claiming in your quasi apology a bad hair day. Eeyore has responded more generously than I would have. Are you aware the hours, the dedication, the passion that go into such a blog? A blog that is respected and read very very widely. And all this without pecuniary interest to talk of? If you are not of the “freeloader” kind, I suggest you have a look at the right hand side at the top, where it says: “Help out TepesVladblog” and click: “DONATE”.

    2. Eeyore: just passing through now, and the quintessential egotist that I am shows already withdrawal symptoms at the thought, that Vlades Tepes might not deliver the REAL information it does and unavailable elsewhere, every day many times….on the other hand we need you to live and taking the occasional breather helps to do that… more later…

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