Report: Nigeria Islamist Group Seizing Christian Women As Slaves

Israel National News:

Boko Haram systemically kidnaps Christian women as slaves, child brides, amid fears of Christian-Muslim civil war.

By Tova Dvorin
First Publish: 11/18/2013, 4:42 PM
Soldiers from multinational force fighting Boko Haram in Nigeria
Soldiers from multinational force fighting Boko Haram in Nigeria
Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram has been kidnapping Christian women from rural areas and forcing them to convert under threats of death, Mail & Guardian reports. The women are then kept as slaves and child brides – and forced to help the terrorists kill innocent Nigerians.

Mail & Guardian brings the story of Hajja, now 19, who was forced to serve as the slave of a guerrilla unit for 3 months. Hajja recounts being forced to cook, clean, read from Islamic texts – and be the “bait” for the terrorists to lure innocent Nigerian men to their deaths.

On one mission, Hajja was sent to stand in a field near a village to attract the attention of civilians working with the army. When five men approached her, they were ambushed.

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Benghazi, Coptic Christians denounce torture and attempts to convert them to Islam

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Asia News:

44 of the 48 Christian vendors arrested in the market of Benghazi in February on charges of proselytizing have returned home. The Salafis forced them to say the prayer of conversion to Islam and spit on the images of Pope Shenouda III. Four of them are still in the hands of the Libyan police.

Cairo (AsiaNews) – Libyan Salafis are responsible for torture, attempts to forcibly convert and desecration of Christian imagery. This is according to  44 of the 48 Egyptian Coptic vendors on their return home. “They forced us to pronounce the al-shahaadatayn – said one of them – the proclamation of the Islamic faith and spit on images of Pope Shenouda III.” So far, the Egyptian government has not reacted to the episode that involved its citizens nor charges of religious discrimination. However, the relatives of the victims are demanding justice and accuse the Islamist government of protecting the Libyan Salafists.

Arrested in mid-February in the Benghazi market, accused of publicizing religious images and illegal immigration, the Coptic Orthodox were held for several days in a jail guarded by Salafi armed guards. They were released after several days of negotiations between the Egyptian and the Libyan governments accused on several occasions of failing to protect foreign nationals in its territory. Currently four Christians are still detained in Libya for further investigation.

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Abducted Egyptian Christian Girl Possibly Smuggled to Libya

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(AINA) — Hundreds of Christian Egyptian girls having been abducted and forced to convert to Islam and marry Muslim men since the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. But the case of 14 year old Sarah has become symbolic, bringing to confrontation Muslims groups, whose members are implicated in the kidnappings, and the Coptic Church and human rights organizations.

On Sunday, September 30 Sarah Ishaq Abdelmalek, born on August 1, 1998 in the town of el-Dabaa, 130 kilometers from Mersa Matrouh, was on her way to school with her cousin Miriam, when they stopped at a bookshop. Miriam went ahead of Sarah to school, leaving Sarah behind. Sarah never made it to school and no one has seen her since then. Her father was hesitant at first to contact the authorities for fear of harm to his family and his other children by the Salafi Muslims, who have a large presence and influence in Mersa Matrouh and Alexandria. He finally filed a report with the police on October 20, accusing 27 year old bookshop keeper and Salafist Mahmoud Abu Zied Abdel Gawwad, a married man and father of children, of abducting Sarah and marrying her against her will (AINA 11-2-2012).

“Sarah was smuggled across the borders to Libya with the help of the Interior Ministry,” said Ebram Louis, founder of the Coptic non-governmental organization Association of Victims of Abduction and Enforced Disappearance (AVAED), which handles cases of abducted Coptic minors. Louis blamed the interior ministry for all the disappearances of Coptic minors, saying the ministry colludes with the Muslims.

The recently elected Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros II said the kidnapping and forced conversion of Sarah is a “disgrace for the whole of Egypt.” During a meeting with a delegation of the Journalists Syndicate Council at Anba Bishoy Monastery in Wadi Natrunon on November 12, he said “Can any family accept the kidnapping of their daughter and her forced conversion?”

The Pope dismissed the term “emotional ties” for what is happening among young men and girls from different religions, cited as the apparent cause of conversions by the Salafists. In an interview with Al Ahram Daily he said it is “sentimental coercion of girls who have not reached adulthood.” The Pope said it is now common among Coptic families not to send their daughters to school because of fear kidnapping and forced conversion. Anba Pakhomios, the bishop of Mersa Matrouk, said Coptic families are increasingly choosing not to send their girls to public schools, making them study at home and only go to school during the examinations.

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Catholics in Bangladesh hit by land expropriation and forced conversions to Islam

Asia News.It

by Santosh Digal
A Jesuit, professor at the major seminary in Dhaka, explains the difficulties of the Christians and Catholics, often plagued by extreme poverty. Conversion to Islam for marriage increasingly widespread. In the era of communication and globalization, it is urgent to focus on young people.

Dhaka (AsiaNews) – Expropriation of land, conversion to Islam, deeper religious formation: these are some of the challenges that the Church in Bangladesh faces day after day. In an interview with AsiaNews, Fr. John Chinnappan SJ, professor of philosophy and theology at Holy Spirit Major Seminary in Dhaka, speaks of the problems of the Christian community, a minority of just 0.3% compared with 90% Muslim majority. The teacher engaged in social interaction and communications, describes a small church in number, but “vibrant in faith,” which, however, must act more forcefully in the field of justice and human rights. Below the Jesuit’s interview with AsiaNews.

What are the challenges facing the Church in Bangladesh?

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Radical gang terrorizing swiss teens

Translation Michael laudahn

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From 20 min

More than 20 complaints
Radical gang terrorizing swiss teens


Lickings, threats and drugs: A gang of radical moslems forced Neuch‚tel adolescents. They forced them to deal drugs and to get into debt. On top, they beat and kidnapped some of them.

image symblic only

For years, nobody dared to denounce the gang. In march, the terror became public, when an adolescent applied for help to police
‘Wearing an imposed hood, tied up and marked by beatings, they held him gagged in a cave.’ With these words, Nicolas Feuz, the responsible public prosecutor, describes the fate undergone by one of the adolescents who resisted to the drug gang going by the self-chosen name of ‘Jamahat’.

Since 2008, this radical-islamic drug gang has not shied away from any means, in orer to defend its local marihuana monopoly in Le Locle and Neuch‚tel.

For this purpose, they not only forced their young clients to deal drugs in lieu of themselves, but also forced them to procure them several smartphones. To reach this objective, several of the victims had to sign up to seven subscriptions, thereby getting into a debt of several thousand franks. Later, the cell phones were sold by the perpetrators on the black market.

The gang consisted of youngsters from Chechnya, Afghanistan and former Yugoslavia [ie usually the mohammedan parts of it, translator’s note], who committed themselves to a radical form of islam. Intimidated by them, some of their victims even converted to islam.

For years, nobody dared to denounce the gang. In march, the terror became public, when an adolescent applied for help to police. Then, police caught the Jamahat members red-handed in La Chaux-de-Fonds and remanded them.

Since then, more then further 20 complaints have arrived. Now, police are looking for the cave in the Jura/Tri Lake area, where the clan maintained a marihuana plantation.



Gaza Christians protest ‘forcible conversions’


Protesters bang on church bell, chant ‘With our spirit, with our blood we will sacrifice ourselves for you, Jesus.’

A Palestinian Christian Huda Al-Amash, right, and her her daughters cry during a rally.

A Palestinian Christian Huda Al-Amash, right, and her her daughters cry during a rally for the release of her son Ramez Al-Amash, 25, who was allegedly kidnapped, at a Greek Orthodox church in Gaza. Photo by AP
Dozens of Gaza Christians staged a rare public protest Monday, claiming two congregants were forcibly converted to Islam and were being held against their will.
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Hindu girls abducted, forced to convert to Islam — a growing trend in Pakistan

From People of Shambhala.
Bharti, A 15 year-old, is the 18th Hindu girl to have been reportedly abducted, forced to convert to Islam, and forced to marry a Muslim man, in the Lyari area of Karachi, a city in the south of Pakistan, the Express Tribune of India reported yesterday. The real number is probably much higher. In 2009, in the province of Sindh 18 Hindu girls had also been kidnapped.   

The family of the teenage girl filed a complaint with Bhagdadi police station, and a court hearing has begun. On the first day of the hearing Bharti — who has been renamed Ayesha, apparently after the favorite wife of Islam’s prophet Mohammed — appeared “clad in a black ‘abaya’ ” and hardly acknowledged her parent’s presence.

According to The Times of Indiaher father “[Narain] Das brought a copy of the National Database and Registration Authority’s record, which states that his daughter is 15 years old. However, certificates of her conversion to Islam and her marriage claim she is… read more. 

The articulators of knowledge in the West have completely undermined reality

Raymond Ibrahim’s testimony to the US House of Representatives Human Rights Committee; on Shariah, Dhimmitude & the Copts; is a moving and eloquent absolute must watch.

In fifteen short minutes Mr Ibrahim amply demonstrates how the contemporary persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt is a direct mirror of identical suffering meted out to his people for the fourteen previous centuries, using historical sources to back up his case.

This is no “accidental aberration” he conclusively proves, by pointing to the Quranic injunctions – the literal commands of god – that instruct Muslims to behave in the ways that lead to the inevitable suffering of any non-Muslim who falls under the reach of Islam’s power.

He also delves persuasively and depressingly into the historical events, and current dangerously misguided modes of thought (from history classes to the media), which have conspired to erect the “intellectual hurdles” that make unintelligible to a contemporary audience…

“…something that is fourteen hundred years old and is so obvious to anyone who has studied it or looked at it.

Slavery and Islam

There has been some discussion recently in the comments, largely objecting to the fact that I pointed out the Islamic observance of the Vancouver Muslim woman who was busted keeping a slave in her multi-million dollar West-Van home. It was pointed out that there are many East Asians who are not Muslim that also think nothing of keeping another human being as a beast of burden in the home, torturing at will and denying basic liberties while enjoying all the best Canada has to offer.

Some of the people who pointed this out are good friends of this site. However I must point out that there is a difference between policy and the exception. Between what is celebrated, and what is a crime. For example, pedophiles certainly exist in the Catholic church and in the greater Western community no matter what their affiliation. But we call them criminals and do everything we can to make sure they are brought to justice while in Islam, one looks at the founder, ‘Mohamed’ as the “perfect human being” and follow his examples as divinely inspired and so marrying a 6 year old and having any sort of sex you want except penetrative of the vagina till she is 9, then anything goes is considered good policy. So again, exception, rule.

I thought this might be a good time to post a few of my older videos that went offline and need to be made available again on the subject of slavery, doubly so as I was also asked to do so in email.

Here is the first one. More will appear in this post as I manage to get them ready. Come back and check from time to time if this is a subject that interests you.

Eeyore for Vlad.

Slavery of Blacks by Muslims in the Sudan, torture and forced conversion:

Ex Sudanese slaves give testimony at congressional hearings about captivity in Islamic hands

This one is good. A history of slavery and Islam. Some shocking revelations from historians on the Islamic roots of the African slave trade.

Untitled from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

White Slaves Muslim Pirates is a great one as well:

Another one on African slavery by Muslims using Islam as a prime reason

Clashes between police and Coptic protesters in Minya

From Al Masry Al Youm:

<p>Coptic protesters blocking Mehwar Road, 7 March, 2011. Copts protest over torching of a church in Atfeeh, Helwan governorate, and hindered traffic. However, armed forces interfered to restore traffic.</p>
Photographed by Mohamed Abdel Wahab

Reuters news agency quoted unconfirmed security sources as saying that three policemen and six Coptic protesters on Wednesday were injured in a clash between the two sides in the southern Egyptian city of Minya.

The agency said the police used batons to beat the protesters, who retaliated against police by throwing stones.

The clashes erupted when the police tried to disperse demonstrators, who blocked a road in protest against the disappearance of two Coptic teenage girls.

The source said the clash took place in front of the Security Directorate, where a thousand Coptic protesters gathered on Tuesday. Hundreds of protesters, who camped out overnight, claimed the girls were abducted by Muslims and forced to convert to Islam.

Eritrean Christians facing ‘unimaginable suffering’ in Egypt

From Christian Today:

by Amy ShankPosted: Friday, June 10, 2011, 9:49 (BST)

Eritrean Christians fleeing persecution in their homeland are facing imprisonment, torture, beatings and sexual assault in Egypt, reports Barnabas Fund.

The charity, which supports the persecuted church worldwide, estimates that hundreds of Eritrean Christian refugees have been subjected to terrible abuse after arriving in Egypt.

Egypt is the most popular destination for Christians escaping from Eritrea, one of the most hostile countries in the world for followers of the faith.

In Eritrea, Christians and evangelicals in particular are viewed as a threat to national security because of their allegiance to God before the state.

As a result, many of them are tortured and imprisoned for their faith in conditions described by Barnabas Fund as “horrendous”.

Persecution has intensified in recent months after an Eritrean governor ordered a purge against Christians at the end of 2010.

The charity said hundreds of Eritrean Christians were risking their lives each month to enter Egypt, where they go in the hope of eventually being able to cross the border into Israel.

A Channel 4 documentary, “Breaking into Israel”, last week charted the harsh 900-mile journey made by Eritrean refugees, some of whom die before reaching their destination. Some are shot dead crossing the Egypt-Israel border and others are caught and returned to Eritrea where they face torture and even death. Continue Reading →

A fantastic clip on the Islamic roots of the African slave trade.

This was originally done in German, and someone was kind enough to translate it into French, where Bear got a hold of it and translated it into English. I suspect, but am not 100% sure, it is excerpts from the excellent documentary, ‘The Islamic Roots of the African Slave trade‘ which I will place in toto below this clip.

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Muslims Abduct Coptic Christian Woman in Egypt


(AINA) — Muslims broke into the home of a Coptic family this afternoon and abducted their 18-year-old daughter Nesma Sarwat. The home belongs to the building contractor who built the controversial St. Mary and St. Michael church in Talbiya, within the Omraniya neighborhood of Giza. The abductors wrote messages on the home’s wall, the messages said “Islam is the solution” and “The Church has to be demolished.” The abductors also wrote the names of the other family members on the wall.

Neighbors heard voices, but no one saw the abductors as the whole operation took less than ten minutes and blood was found on the stairs and in the flat, reported Coptic activist Mariam Ragy of Free Coptic Voice advocacy. “I believe writing the names of the rest of the family might mean that their turn is coming,” said the neighbor.

The Family of the abducted woman called the security forces to the scene.

St. Mary and St. Michael church was the scene on November 24, 2010 of severe clashes between State Security forces and Copts protesting over the closure of their church, during which the forces used tear gas and live ammunition against the protesters, resulting in the killing of three Copts, hundreds of injuries and the arrest of 176 Copts (AINA 11-27-2010);

During the protests in Tahrir Square which, culminated in the ousting of President Mubarak, a period which witnessed the complete absence of the security forces from the streets, the congregation of St. Mary and St. Michael church was guarding the church, which was closed on November 24. On February 6, as soon as a few security officers came back on duty, they stormed the church and evicted the priest and the congregation who were keeping vigil there and holding services praying for peace in Egypt.

On September 15, 2010, an Islamic Jihadist Forum called Islamic Atahadi (Challenge) Network, which is said to be an affiliate of Al-Qaida, published on its website under the title “Images of the Church under construction in the Pyramids and how to demolish it.” The Forum showed photos of St. Mary and St. Michael church in Talbiya, which was still under construction, gave its members instructions on how to demolish the church by using sugar; “An easy and affordable way for the demolition of the church before its completion, no need for demonstrations, no need for the use of weapons or explosives, you only need to introduce certain quantities of sugar, yes normal sugar.” They went on to explain how to introduce reasonable quantities of sugar inside the forms prepared for pouring the columns, “because sugar affects concrete and cancels the chemical reaction which makes the sand and gravel hold together with the cement.” They advised in their step by step instructions that timing was very important in the process; the best time being immediately before pouring the roof.

Dr. Naguib Gabriel, head of the Egyptian Federation for Human Rights Organization, presented on February 10 a complaint to the Attorney-General on behalf of the people of the Omraniya area, against the Governor of Giza, and the former director of security in, Giza accusing them of being the cause of the murder of three of the Ormaniya Copts and causing sectarian strife.

On February 8 sectarian violence broke out in the hamlet of Elias Hanna, in Samalut, Minya province when some 80 Muslims attacked a number of Copts because they attempted to pray in a house belonging to the Diocese since 2007. The Muslim attack resulted in the injury of 5 Copts. Nearly 6000 Copts living in the hamlet of Elias Hanna and three other neighboring villages have no church.

On February 16 the Church of St. George in Rafah was torched, the walls of the church had writing saying “No to Christians in Muslim Land” (video).

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