Clashes kill 62 al-Qaeda militants in Iraq: Militia leader


Iraqi security forces and allied tribesmen killed 62 al-Qaeda-linked militants in the Ramadi area west of Baghdad on Jan. 3, a senior leader of the Sahwa militia told AFP.

Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha said 16 members of the Al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group were killed in Khaldiyah, east of Ramadi, while 46 more died in the city itself.


video 1 – anti al qaeda shiites in Fallujah :

video 2 – alqaeda jihadist in Fallujah Jan 2

video 3 – summary executions of Iraqi civilians by al qaeda members :


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    Why are these Arab fighters so incredibly hateful against people who whom they know are no different from themselves, but just happen to be on the other side? There’s something wrong with these people that they would be so cruel to their own kind like that. And then, an hour later, the other army takes the town and murders all the rest of the people for being on the first army’s side. It makes no sense – they’re just blood-thirsty. That’s all it is. The religion of Islam has discovered a way to create psychopathic murderers by the thousand. Oh, what an advancement for the human race…

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