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  1. Suspected militant returning from war in Syria arrested in Spain (CNN, Jan 5, 2014)
    “A suspected Islamic militant returning to Europe from the war in Syria was arrested on Sunday at Malaga airport in southern Spain as a potential “threat to national security,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement. The suspect, Abdeluahid Sadik Mohamed, belongs to an al Qaeda-linked group, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the statement said. A spokesman for the Ministry confirmed Sadik Mohamed is a Spanish national born in Ceuta, the Spanish enclave on Morocco’s north coast. He had spent months alongside Islamic militants fighting in Syria and in Iraq since last May, arriving to the region from Casablanca, Morocco. He was arrested at Malaga airport on a flight from Istanbul, Turkey, the statement said…”

  2. Mental asylum, perhaps?

    African migrants protest, push for asylum in Israel (CNN, Jan 5, 2014)
    Thousands of African migrants cram into Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, Israel, calling for a labor strike. Their chants fill the air, summing up their message: “We need asylum.” Activists estimate more than 50,000 migrants work illegally in low-paying jobs in Israel. Many are fleeing persecution from war-torn areas like Sudan and Eritrea. The threat to their lives pushes them to undertake the dangerous journey via smugglers’ routes to Israel. A vast majority cross the Sinai Peninsula, known for being a hotbed of kidnapping and organ harvesting. Once across the border in Israel, they try to claim asylum. “All of us are fleeing genocide, fleeing dictatorship regimes. Looking for protection,” says the African Refugee Development Center’s Mutasim Ali, who came to Israel from Darfur. “(A migrant) doesn’t care where he gets it. We know it’s too difficult to cross the border making our way to Israel, but that’s the only option at the time.” The asylum seekers complain that the Israeli government isn’t viewing their goal as legitimate, but rather sees them as migrant workers … The Israeli government refers to the asylum seekers as illegal migrants who are in the country to work. They blame them for an increase in crime and say they threaten Israel’s internal security. The government says it is increasing the number of security personnel to combat the crime…”

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