Prison attack in Syria

There seems to be a great diversity of opinion and reportage on the Muslim-of-British-papers who drove a truck full of explosives into a prison in Syria, either freeing captured terrorists or killing them. Not sure yet what happened. Will post links and related videos below.

This is apparently related to this event. Lots of allahu ackbaring all over the place and lots of dead guys with beards and no mustaches.

This website calls the attack a “Wile E Coyote moment” and says the Syrian defense of the prison was brilliant.

The Mail Online article posted earlier today.

More as I find them. Please feel free to comment or add links in the comments that offer some clarity on this event.

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  1. Bosnia-Hercegovina protests break out in violence (BBC, Feb 7, 2014)
    “Demonstrators in Bosnia-Hercegovina have set fire to government buildings, in the worst unrest since the end of the 1992-95 war. Hundreds of people have been injured in three days of protests over high unemployment and perceived inability of politicians to improve the situation. Police used rubber bullets and tear gas to quell unrest in the capital Sarajevo and the northern town of Tuzla. Black smoke could be seen coming from the presidency building in Sarajevo. Sarajevo-based newspaper Dnevni Avaz says police used water to disperse the protesters who were throwing stones at the building. There were also reports of an attempted storming of the office. The fire brigade are unable to reach the burning building, the paper reports. A total of 13 fire service teams have been deployed. On Thursday, clashes between police and demonstrators in Tuzla injured more than 130 people, mostly police officers. “People protest because they are hungry, because they don’t have jobs. We demand the government resign,” Nihad Karac, a construction worker, told the AFP. About 40% of Bosnians are unemployed…”

  2. Islamic socialism working as well as any socialism, I see. lol

    #BBCtrending: Iran food aid backfires in ‘shame’ (BBC/video, Feb 7, 2014)
    “A plan by President Rouhani’s government to address poverty in Iran has backfired after it was ridiculed on social media. The Iranian government decided to give out free food baskets in a bid to reduce inflation and the benefits bill. But the actual handout of food led to large queues and chaotic scenes, images of which were shared on social media.”

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