Syrian TV, chemical inspectors’ hotel targeted in bomb attacks in Damascus – report


Published time: October 13, 2013 18:17

Screenshot still from Syria TVScreenshot still from Syria TV

Multiple bomb blasts have rocked the Syrian capital of Damascus, a mortar attack on Syrian TV among them, reports RT’s correspondent at the scene.

Suicide bombers blew up two booby-trapped cars near the General Organization of Radio and TV in Damascus, state TV reported.

The other blast targeted the Four Seasons Hotel, where the foreign chemical weapons experts are staying, said RT correspondent Paula Slier on her Twitter account.

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4 Replies to “Syrian TV, chemical inspectors’ hotel targeted in bomb attacks in Damascus – report”

  1. Some one here, FPM, PJ media or Long War Journal (LWJ) said that Al Qaeda and Assad were working together. Maybe not in the long run but in the short run.

    Assad certainly helped Al Qaeda during the Iraq War. so the players know each other. they pretend to fight and every one seems to get hit badly except them.

    the MB , Christians, Kurds, FSA, etc until the only 2 standing are Assad and Al Qaeda.

    Some one said that ya AL Qaeda car bombed a security building, but all 15 agents had departed. Bu they had lots of bodies to show the media. all civilians.

  2. So having the inspectors targeted does not surprise me.

    If what the person surmised is true than it behooves everyone to learn the lesson even the inspectors because they are being played and it is for keeps.

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