Some clips of the EDL at Downing St. May 27


Quite a state of affairs we are in when a large group of people showing patriotism and classically liberal values are comsidered a provocation and labelled as “far right wing extremists” by the media, none of whom could explain of course, what a “far right wing extremist” actually is, it’s enough to know that it sounds bad.

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2 Replies to “Some clips of the EDL at Downing St. May 27”

  1. When the British Government looks back in years to come, and see how they have ignored the wills and the wants of the population of this once proud Nation, they should be ashamed of themselves,……Churchhill where the fuck are you.!!!

  2. The modern Churchill is waiting in the wings, what most people these days don’t learn about him is that prior to WWII he was considered a right wing nutjob that should be kept out of all governments at all costs.

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