English Defence League rally bomb plotters jailed

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(Watch the video at the BBC)


(Judge) said it had not been an amateurish attempt but wide-ranging and determined.


EDL leader Tommy Robinson and his deputy Kevin Carroll called out “God save the Queen” from the public gallery as sentence was passed.

Sobs could be heard from other observers, and shouts of ” Allahu Akbar” – “God is great” in Arabic.

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4 Replies to “English Defence League rally bomb plotters jailed”

  1. BBC Radio 2 News first thing this morning was reporting this judgement using the phrase ‘the far right English Defence League.

    By mid morning later news broadcasts had dropped the ‘far right’ bit; I wonder why?

  2. Even when these miserable savages are caught bang to rights, we still hear the chants of Allahu Akbar from their despicable supporters. They have no shame and are unable to acknowledge guilt. These sociopaths should be given life with hard labour, and their evil mentors given similar treatment.
    I really think it’s about time that we started getting seriously tough on Muslims and any non-Muslim who supports their cause should also be pulled up for treason.

  3. Thank you Seneca, that is good news, hopefully it means that it is growing politically incorrect to oppose the patriots of Western Nations.

  4. – Seneca III

    Really? That’s actually quite significant, I think. I’ve never heard any mainstream media source name the EDL without including the “far right” tag. They always have to let us all know that Tommy Robinson is exactly the same as Adolf Hitler, only not as smart or good-looking. When the average educated nice person hears the term “far right”, their mind snaps shut like a well-oiled leg-hold trap and their ears fill with glue. If the BBC forgot to slander the EDL, even if it’s just once, that means progress is being made – maybe a BBC employee actually rebelled…

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