Mosque fire in the UK has many suspicious components.

BBC Video below and links as well.

Here are a few interesting facts:

1. Anything called, ‘Islamic Center’ Or ‘Islamic anything’ is actually a brand name of a Muslim Brotherhood front. You can get the details by watching Stephen Coughlin’s Boston Brief where he shows exactly how to prove to oneself that this is the case.

This being the case, it is quite likely that various materials which would be considered highly ‘volatile’ shall we say, from within the mosque, may have been the cause of the fire. As after all, mosques are well known to be more arsenal than church.

2. It is highly doubtful that the EDL would do anything this pro-active but if they did, even more doubtful that they would sign their work. Unlike muslim violent activists, they,  the EDL, do not have the government on their side.

3. Tommy Robinson from the Daily Mail:

“English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson this afternoon said he was ‘sceptical’ about whether the EDL were involved – but he has not yet condemned the attack.

Appearing to suggest that Muslims may have torched the community centre, he wrote: ‘There were 26 fire bombings in Luton with graffiti saying EDL? Guess who was arrested for it? Muslims! Sorry if I’m sceptical’. “

4. EDL Buck, a Vlad Tepesblog reporter in the UK who is familiar with the site, says that “The building was really run down” making an insurance fire just as likely.

5. Have a look at the aerial photos of this burned building. Does it look like the fire started inside? Or outside?

Daily Mail Article


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9 Replies to “Mosque fire in the UK has many suspicious components.”

  1. When all the inside is burned to a crisp,you know the Firefighters can’t and won’t go inside (unless there was somebody still in the building,) that almost certainly means it was started from the inside,thats why the damage is even,the fire would have been moving in ALL directions evenly,otherwise the Firefighters would have been able to bring it under control with maybe a litte bit saved at the back or the front,these guys fear nothing,but are’nt bloody stupid,they will also check for any accelerants used.

  2. In captured documents the Muslim Brotherhood exposes that one of the purposes of mosque building is to “expose our enemies”. The mosques themselves are thus to be used as weapons.

    In New York during the run up to the anti GZM protest, a young man asked a cab driver if he was muslim then stabbed him.

    The protestors working for the GZM and the media manipulation company it had hired made great hay out of it.

    Untill a local newspaper found out the young man WAS WORKING FOR THE MOSQUE.

    The book/video “Toxic Sludge is Good For You” has a chapter on agent provacateurs. These are employees of PR companies (companies who’s job is to MANIPULATE THE MEDIA on behalf of their clients) who look for members of these groups who are a little off – because such people are easly manipulated and have faulty judgment.

    They then influence these people to do something extreme “for the cause”.

    The young man in question was an ART STUDENT who had become traumatized after spending time in a war zone and had then developed an alcohol problem. Thus was an agent provocateurs prime target.

    It was all the sleazy Nixonian co-intel type dirty tricks like these that told me the pro GZM protestors were not quite as gosh darn sweet and innocent as they were trying to position themselves as.

    So ya, if it’s a Muslim Brotherhood mosque like the Cordoba/Park51 “islamic cultural center” was, they are fully capable.

    If you can manipulate someone into stabbing a fellow mulism in order to concoct bad press for your enemies, then you are capable of burning down a building for the insurance and blaming it on your enemies.

    It fits their MO, their known strategy, their source inspirations and their history. There should be no doubt that they did it themselves and are lying in order to damage their enemies.

  3. This modus operandi has the hoof marks of the muslim/Islamic methodology all over it. How DARE Camoron even MENTION the name “EDL” casting suspicion on the nearly only friend the ENGLISH NATIVES have!

    Incidentally, I think one hate-spreading mosque less is a good thing.

  4. These pious followers of the teachings of the prophet will do anything to garner sympathy from the bleeding hearts in the MSM and their lackeys in the political class. I too am leaning toward a ‘false flag’ attack. BTW does anyone believe if the ‘bums in dirty nightshirts’ did torch the joint the truth will ever be revealed?

  5. I am sure it isn’t the edl as most people guess the stupid Muslims are trying to create problems. But I hope they keep burning them down. When are we going to deport these freaks and metal retards out of the wet and back to the deserts they belong?

  6. Hktony – Yer bang on mate, let em burn them all down, and se how much the insurance Companies hit them for, this act of attention seeking is going to cost them,the more they burn-the Higher the risk they will be deemed.

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