Neville Chamberlain Redux

If any of you do not believe in reincarnation…

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  1. Maybe the pro-Turkey Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt are among those who have influenced Cameron? Reinfeldt belongs to …an ignorant Swedish right-center liberalism when it comes to Islam and immigration. Reinfeldt’s party is a now transformed former right wing party. They have politicians in the national election in September who promote political Islam!

    I think a problem with Cameron is that he’s the kind of politician whose qualities are a smiling face from the advertising business (Camoron’s background). Another problem — in perticular fo Britain! — is a tendency that all value statements are equal. Philosophy and methodology is interpreted both by the left and others, e g in social science, as if facts are biased opinions. That’s true to an certain extent, but it’s wrong to ignore the truths analysis provides. (Btw, I think that an attraction for Islam is caused by the concept that absolute values exist; a concept in which the Western society was shaped.)

    Obama *and* Cameron. Ough! Is Sarkozy (although pro-global taxes) now the defender of Western society?

  2. Correction: “…whose qualities are _things as_ a smiling face from…”.

    there are probably other language errors… /br, Magnus (native Swede)

  3. That’s Cameron? Oh my God! That man has no idea at all. And here’s me, all happy that they’d voted out Labour and gone sort of Conservative.

  4. To admit Turkey to the EU would give the Radical Islamic Movement an open door to flood Europe with a gigantic fifth column. The entire Islamic world would rush to turkey to obtain passports and ‘bogus’ Turkish citizenship. Europe would then be flooded with a horde of questionable ‘immigrants’. In reality, and given the present state of affairs , political and religious, can the Turkish Government be trusted?

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