Of policy, trends and freedom of speech, and all which rely upon it.

Here are some examples which are, to the best of my knowledge, in order of oldest to newest and show a policy being enforced, or one formed from a trend, or perhaps more insidiously, from some kind of manual.

First, the Israeli ambassador to the US was shouted down, and his speech ended before it began at California Irvine.

Then, former Belgian leftist, who had seen the effects of Islam on all the things he actually cared about, changes his mind and was about to speak at a Norwegian university on Islam and the following happened, where the disrupters credited the students at Irvine of showing them the way:

Lastly, we have todays winner. In a highly calculated ploy to destroy anyone who would oppose Islamic primacy in Europe, Lars Vilks is shouted down and attacked at a university in Sweden. Lots of  information here on Vlad if you want to scroll down a bit. I just felt that this is becoming sufficiently a calculated spreading pattern that it needs to be demonstrated as such, and as such, a counter strategy had better be deployed soon, if we wish to preserve any semblance of the things that gave humanity pretty much everything we have gained since the darkest most brutal and crushingly unfair points of our history.

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4 Replies to “Of policy, trends and freedom of speech, and all which rely upon it.”

  1. Lars Vilks has brass balls to do that. How long until they ban any derogitory images or statements that muslims feel is hurtful?

  2. As I have said elsewhere, today’s average western university student has all the critical thinking skills of a lumpfish, or less.

    They are beginning to show that they have no respect for freedom of speech, no respect for Israel or Jews and most of all, no respect for freedom.

    Time for a culling, I say.

    This generation of low-lifes has to either start using their brains for things other than knee-jerk reactions suprred by mainstream media and the propaganda coming from the PA or leave the planet. We don’t need such idiotic people.

  3. Oh, the irony. I’m watching videos of students disrupting lectures, beside a graphic that says “To insult irrational authority is not your right… it is your obligation as a free person.”

    Bear in mind that the disruptive students are paying for their education, and by extension, the guest speaker’s fees. They risk censure, expulsion, and their investment. Their point must be worth something to them to outweigh the cost of their education and all it entails.

    This sort of rudeness is precisely what the American nation was founded upon. I say “this sort” because we’re not simply talking about a tomato hurled at an unpopular artist. We’re talking about a person in a position of authority and power being shouted down by the mob for taking part in unfair or unethical policies.

    That sort of behavior needs to be shouted down. And while I may identify more with the speaker than with the disruptive students, the fact is that they’ve paid their dues, and simply saying “he’s more important” doesn’t make him a good person or undeserving of ridicule.

    To insult irrational authority is not your right… It is your obligation as a free person.

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