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6 Replies to “Horowitz speaks to a genocidal Muslim.”

  1. She should have immediately been shot through the head. She is a suicide bomber in waiting, don’t you see by now? Shot through the head…immediately when she said “for”. We , American Soldiers, killed thousands upon thousands of Nazi Germans, and thousands upon thousands upon hundreds of thousands of Imperial Japanese soldiers and their supporters. The same needs to be immedeiately done with muslims…read the Koran, hadith and sira for starters. No quarter, no mercy, immediate through and through head shots to these nazi wannabee’s.

  2. Copy of letter I sent to the Conservative Party of Canada:


    Before I contribute to your party, I must say the following:

    I had high hopes for the Conservative party, somewhat with Prime Minister Harper, more with Lawrence Cannon ( but much more I am disappointed with the apathetic Cnadian jackasses who still support the libs and the ndp ( no caps, no respect).

    I am concerned regarding several issues:

    muslim ( no caps, no respect) immigration, Canadian debt levels and the continued financing of the cbc.

    I await your comments especially on the first two.

    Why are their muslims here? Are you concerned that there are many filthy hate mongers amongst them? I am very concerned about the future of Jewish, Christian and Hindu children because of the rats in their community. I believe that these rats should be deported with no regard to legalities.

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