PBS on the Taliban, use of children as weapons, Islam and Pakistan

This video from PBS:

Despite this journalists wonderful detachment and staunch effort to show an even objective expose of this issue and these people, it is difficult not to notice the fear she hides when she is face to face with some young turdburger who tells her the government must treat women as plastic bags. You can see she is in immediate danger for her life if she argues the point. These people, Islam, does not debate. These are not Jews. Much of this documentary has nothing new for readers of Vlad. But there are still some shocking revelations about  how serious Islam really is in terms of illiberal values and it’s ambitions for the rest of us, and perhaps mpore interestingly, when PBS does an expose showing the horrors of Islam to this extent. you know things are bad. We expect the facts from FOX when they may not be PC. Its quite another thing when PBS calls it like it is.
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