Three videos on the DSA that need to be understood

These have all been published here before. But all of us need to understand how the DSA has changed America and what they are really about.


The one fact that Trevor did not have time to include, is that the Democratic Socialists of America is likely a turn around on Lenin’s original party, the Social Democrats. Most communists name their organizations in such a way as its a dog whistle to other communists, but is a sort of soporific to the people they intend to destroy/conquer etc.

Linda Sarsour, celebrity guest speaker at DSA meet, 2019

I hope most of you watched the hilarious clips of leftist eating each other over micro aggressions, use of “gendered terms” and so on. If not have a look. It is item 7 in this post.

But interesting in another way, was the appearance of Sarsour as a celebrity speaker at the DSA annual meet up. There is a lot to notice in this. First of all, she is reasonable. Which means she is anti-communist. She asks for direct and rational action and for all the people to drop their leftist nonsense and fight the state.

What we might gather from this is that she is not at all a communist in any way. Her statement that she is a “card carrying member of the DSA” could be an indicator of her recognition that muslims and leftists together may be able to topple the USA. But ideologically, its hard to tell what she is.

Also notice that at the beginning of her speech, the crowd uses the leftist, “jazz hands” way of approving of what is heard instead of applause and so on. This is a genuine manifestation of contemporary socialism for a few reasons. Allegedly to not trigger anxiety in those who might have some sort of applause based PTSD or something.

But notice how at the end, she whips the crowd into a frenzy with her reason based demands to action and they all stand, clap and shout. So much for jazz hands.

Direct link:!/v/vladtepesblog/QmYZfGGXyKp7nR6G3nJjjvx6Arep1RieZKAF1WVYpYu6LW


Ladies and Gentlemen, The Democratic Socialists of America

More on this org. soon.

FYI: Although these clips make them appear ridiculous, and these clips are ridiculous, they have managed to get elected at all levels of government a lot of people. AOC for one, is a child of the DSA and she has a media organization she uses which are solid commies, called, Seize the Means Productions. Which of course is a play on Marx’s “Seize the means of production”, a central dogma of communism where violent revolution results in the new state taking over any and all methods of creating goods from farms to factories.

Again. more on this soon.