Some worthy tweets: Post 3 for June 6, 2020

1. Let’s not let the clearly corrupt Lancet off the hook. Their malfeasance could have killed or may still kill people.

2. Ohio men caught with machete, other weapons during NYC protests

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (WJW) — Two Ohio men were captured after police say they were looking to incite violence during a protest in New York City.

According to WABC, protesters marching in the streets of Brooklyn contacted police after seeing a man, who was driving a car with Ohio license plates, holding a machete just blocks away from the demonstration.

84th Precinct Executive Officer Capt. Melody Robinson told the news outlet that citizens were concerned and reached out.

“They said, ‘this is not right, something’s wrong with this picture,’” he reportedly said.

Officers tracked down the vehicle quickly. The driver and his passenger surrendered without incident, WABC reports. However, when police searched the car they discovered a cache of weapons and tools to carry out an attack. Officials found knives, swords, gasoline, bricks, two-way radios and other weapons.

“Different types of knives and weapons,” Robinson explained. “Point-to-point radios, gas masks. All types of different things that you won’t bring to a peaceful protest.”

3. This would explain that very well.

4. In yet another bizarre irony, one leftist fraud has undone another.

5. Can anyone remember acting like this at ANYONE’s funeral? Well Trudeau did this show at his fathers. he thought he was cast as Brutus in Julius Caesar. But other than that, no one acts this way at a funeral.

6. This explains some of the brutal contradictions we are all being forced to submit to.

7. Police probably shouldn’t use horses or female officers for crowd control now that Western nations have imported so many people who have no respect for horses, do not take a chivalrous stance on women, and frankly hold our entire civilization, methods of redistribution of wealth, and sense of joint venture in contempt.

8. Had to add this. And this is why I don’t make jokes of logical extremes anymore. Because you cannot tell them from reality, and given time, it will be reality.

In this case, that joke might go: “Two guys talking after hearing that the government is thinking of legalizing gay marriage, and one guy says to the other, ‘The next think you know, they will be making kids in public schools write gay love letters'”.

Thats probably all we can take for this post. More to come.


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15 Replies to “Some worthy tweets: Post 3 for June 6, 2020”

  1. Poor bolting brown “animal fascists, trained to kill harmless protesters”. Fortunately for themselves not “racist gray horses”.

        • The new left-liberal “money aristocracy” offers the damned souls not only to be a stupid moron in front of his computer – but to ascend to super moron. What fabulous prospects!

          I am suspicious of the motivation of these Marxists. Probably the false promise of having “saved the world” lures (above all from oneself). A rather hollow and senseless substitute religion.

          • I am against “religion” anyway (which does not mean that I am against the universal creation!). I would call myself a “convinced agnostic” who believes in the power of reason.

            When I consider what mischief has been done in the name of “religion”, and which has been created by reason – I take the side of reason. Apparently, “humanity” is not yet mature enough to take its fate into its own hands!

            Most of them were sheep – and the powerful treated them as sheep! (Although “donkeys” is more accurate.) Was it ever different? Hardly. Because, as Tucholsky said, “Nothing is harder to bear than a string of good days.”

              • What does it all mean? That we have all forgotten how to take care of ourselves. Is there evil intent behind this?

                It can be assumed that not all people mean well with us. Based on this insight, the permanent media distraction actually makes “sense”.

              • First I asked myself: “Why doesn’t she cut his claws?” Then I realized these are his only “tools” for moving around.

                Logic is man’s most powerful tool. It has brought him to where he was. If you ask right questions, you get right answers.

              • After all, they came to the conclusion that a fluffy carpet promises more adhesion than a smooth parquet floor. A certain logic is also present there.

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