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6 Replies to “Trudeau practices for his next career, pitching halal food”

  1. Sorry, Sheila, but you’re slightly off the mark here. For all of your repeated proclamations that you support enterprise and business, acceptance shouldn’t come at any cost, and it shouldn’t come without understanding.

    The only reason Mohammed’s business is thriving is because he’s literally feeding the growth of a death cult in Canada. He’s capitalizing on the Liberal party’s immigration policy which is destroying the country. Of course he donates. His profit is directly correlated to how many tards Trudeau shovels into the great white north. How long until the canaries (Jewish people) start feeling the itch to leave like in Britain and France? That’ll come. So keep shoveling, Justine, and Mohammed will kiss your stupid ass as long as you keep making him rich.

    Just because Zebra mussels make the water clear doesn’t mean the environment is healthy. In other words the success of this particular enterprise purifies no person’s value compass. In fact, we can use this business as a litmus to indicate what is going wrong. In 10 short years Mohammed is going international–or global? Well, duh!

    Justin, you’re dumber than a bag of hammers and far less useful.

    • Sheila’s more than slightly off the mark.
      So jolly emphatic about free enterprise: wow – !! – Capitalism’s not a dirty word for this smart chick !!

      She’s missing the elephant in the room.
      I may not agree with his politics, but…
      …he’s already fixed a starting price on bids for YOU on the slave-auction block.

      You’re MEAT, sister. There’s no free nothing for you in the world according to Justin’s puppetmasters.

  2. I have one observation and one question:

    A muslim MP promoting a muslim, how unusual.

    Does the muslim philanthropist’s beneficence extend to non-muslims; is there any evidence that it does; or are only muslims worthy of his philanthropy?

    • Camels and goats, but I don’t think he’s thinking unicorns.
      I think he’s bad to the bone. Anything that looks fey or silly-sockie is a deliberate pose of innocence.

      Method-acting. That’s his contribution to the persona that’s “Justin”. Everything else belongs to his handlers.
      He’s not so stupid that he doesn’t know where this train is headed. The end of the line is glowing red-green.

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