As the Merkel government tries to turn the murder investigation into a condemnation of the AfD…

From MissPiggy who translated this clip:

“So the reason this video is so important is because the German government and their propaganda media are using the case as a narrative to attack the AfD and to curb the speech and rights of the “radical right” (guess they define what is radical or right) . Heike Maas was saying that children should not only skip school for “Fridays for future” to fight climate change, but there should be a Thursday (Donnerstag in German) for Democracy to fight “right wing radicalism”. Horst Seehofer also said he wanted to look into taking the rights of “right wing radicals” away.”

Taking the rights of ‘Right wing radicals away’. Well that goes with an earlier story about 3 years in jail for desecrating an EU symbol I guess.

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4 Replies to “As the Merkel government tries to turn the murder investigation into a condemnation of the AfD…”

  1. Germany is rapidly moving to full communism.

    I am willing to bet that Hillary and Obama are jealous that Merkel can get away with this frame up when they couldn’t frame PT.

    • Hi Richard, (thanks for the kind words the other day )
      What is “PT” ?

      Other than that I think you are spot on. The question is (and always should be):
      Cui bono? “to whom is it a benefit?” And it certainly would not benefit the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) nor the Rrrrright, extreme or otherwise.

      Miss Piggy will know more about it, but I think there are (regional) elections coming up in states where the AfD is supposed to do very well. And so I am cynical enough to point a finger straight at Mother Terrorista Merkel.

      Personally I would have preferred one of the more salacious rumors – the one which made the killer a “refugee male lover” of the killed, pro-refugee, politician. Yes, I am wicked like that.

      One thing though I’m pretty sure about: whatever the official version will be we get (if we get a “conclusive” one) will be yet another Merkel-Lie.

      • President Trump.

        My first thought was that he has pissed off Merkel but know that it is probably going to be impossible to learn the truth.

  2. The Merkel regime is now an openly communist cabal, a Frankenstine construct of former East German apparatchiks, and they’re not hiding it anymore.

    Industry & trade are not yet affected, but the financial sector is on its knees. Merkel squandered the life-savings of 3 postwar generations. Deutsche Bank is almost bankrupt. Once there is a run on the banks the whole system comes crashing down. Then it remains to be seen whether the police sides with the regime or with the people.

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