Dr. Jordan Peterson banned from Twitter for insisting on reality and rejecting Die Partei imposed pseudo-reality

At the risk of appearing to be hubristic, I would like to simplify what I think is the reason that Jordan Peterson was banned from Twitter.

The formula for why certain things happen to certain people is actually pretty simple. The first rule is:

Anything which is pro-revolution will be rewarded and if massively criminal, like insurrection with guns and so on as we saw in the various “Autonomous Zones”, will not be punished. Anything which is counter-revolutionary, even when totally within the laws and dead centre of the norm, will be punished, either by a warping of law to include the action or words as a crime as previously defined but not applied this way, or punished extra-judicially by ostracism or intimidation or harassment or many many other means we have seen deployed by the Left and leftist weaponized ‘journalists’.

Secondly the crime itself, as the revolutionaries see it, is the resistance to an enforced pseudo-reality. Saying there are no differences between men and women and one can become the other by saying so, (Alchemy?) or surgical procedures which may or may not make a person look like the other sex, but certainly will sterilize them, is one example of the pseudo-reality which must be obeyed.

Jordan Peterson himself went from an anonymous college prof. to an international star because he was a kind of Rosa Parks on the grass near U of T, refusing to engage in forced speech. Refusing to use pronouns people took for themselves which are not accurate, and which the government passed a law to make people say. Jordan Peterson, as a person of authority and influence, was immediately punished by the left, as they determine who to act against by their degree of influence. In this one case however, they received the full force of the Streisand Effect, and Dr. Peterson became more famous and influential than ever.

One could almost summarize Jordan’s whole video with this short clip from the movie version of 1984:

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    • Like Joe Biden et al, Trudeau is a terrorist who has attacked his own citizenry while using them as human shields-for-profit-and-power.

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